Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The one 'n only; Argan Oil

Now, I don’t like jumping on band wagons. So when I heard all the hype about argan Oil I was a bit skeptical. I had reservations about buying it because I didn’t know much about it. Therefore, when a friend of mine bought me a little bottle as a gift, I was curious to try it out. Safe to say, I instantly fell in love with that little brown bottle of Babyliss argan Oil.

What is argan oil you ask? Well, it is derived from nuts found with the fruit in argan trees, which grow almost exclusively in a certain region of Morocco. Argan oil is high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants and experts believe it can help with many skin conditions, from dry skin and wrinkles to psoriasis, eczema and acne.

I used it on the ends of my hair after blow-drying and it immediately transformed the look and feel of my hair. After doing some research on the little miracle product, I found out that argan Oil also does wonders for skin. So of course, I gave I a shot and applied a little to the dryer areas of my skin such as my elbows and some dry spots on my face. I was immediately impressed. Not only does the oil hydrate dry skin, but also heals the area.

For me, the most significant benefit of argan oil is it’s ability to being life to dry hair. I highly recommend adding argan oil to your hair routine if you frequently use heat on your hair. Working a little bit of the oil to the ends of your hair will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy. Not to mention it smells phenomenal!

Argan oil is also a great item to have in you beach/pool bag. Chlorine can be really damaging to your hair, especially if it is color treated. You’ll notice the ends get dry and your hair gets tangles. Running some argan oil all over your, focusing on your ends with make it look ten times healthier.

Argan oil can be found in some lotions. Many people specifically seek these particular lotions because of its hydrating benefits. Applying a little on your hands will leave them feeling soft without feeling greasy. The oil absorbs into your skin which causes it thoroughly hydrate without leaving a greasy residue and again, it smells amazing!

There is a significant amount of argan oils on the market and they range from $5 to $20, which makes it really easy to find one that works for you!  My personal favorite is the Organix Argan Oil. A one ounce bottle will only run you about $5 and a little goes an extremely long way. Of course, you can choose from so many other options. Personally, I don’t notice a difference between higher end argan oils and drugstore ones. They all work wonders for me!

If you haven’t tried this miracle product yet, I highly suggest you look into it. I promise that it will become a Holy Grail product!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Whiter, Brighter Smile WITHOUT Going to the Dentist

Stained, yellow teeth are embarrassing and can take away from your overall look.  If looking your best is important to you, then your smile must be up to par. This means that you focus daily on keeping your smile white and bright.  If you can’t afford to have your teeth whitened or simply hate visiting the dentist, you can still get the white teeth that will speak volumes when you smile. Use the tips listed below on a daily basis to help obtain beautiful white teeth that you don’t mind showing off.

·         Stay away from coke, tea, and coffee.  Believe it or not, one of the number one contributors of yellow teeth is beverages. Drinking an excessive amount of coke, tea, and coffee can lead to yellow, unattractive teeth.  If you can’t do without your tasty beverages, then consider brushing your teeth immediately after you consume beverages that have the yellowing effect.  This will not only give you a brighter smile, it will be good for oral hygiene as well. Coffee is especially harmful for your teeth.  Have your morning coffee before you brush your teeth to ensure a white, bright smile throughout the day.

·         Choose the right tooth paste.  What brand of tooth paste do you use?  Studies have shown that those who use a brand of tooth paste with a whitening agent included, have brighter smiles.  There are many inexpensive brands that promise to remove up to 80% of the surface stains that are affecting your smile.  Be sure that your tooth paste is helping you achieve the white teeth that you desire.  Don’t purchase the tooth paste unless it promises to give you a whiter smile.   How does your tooth paste measure up in giving you the white smile that you desire?

·         Chewing gum.  During times when you can’t brush your teeth after eating or drinking, chewing gum is a great alternative.  Choose a gum that encourages whiter teeth.  Be sure that it is sugar free so that you don’t promote cavities.  Make a habit to chew a piece of gum after each meal and you may just be surprised at how white your smile can actually be.

·         Whitening strips.  Your local drug store carries inexpensive whitening strips that are safe for your teeth and can help you get the smile that you want for very little cost.  While it may take a few weeks to see the results that you want, whitening strips have given countless people brighter, whiter smiles that are often achieved only by making a visit to the dentist.

A smile is often the first thing that people notice.   How white are your teeth?  Use the tips listed above to help you get the smile that you desire without costly visits to the dentist.  Use one or a combination of all of the tips to help achieve a smile that others will remember.   An unforgettable smile is one that does not include stained, yellow teeth.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Get Two Of The Best Mascaras

Are you trying to figure out what's the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to look your best?
Well, search no more because all you need is one of the world's best mascaras! If you ask any
beauty guru, makeup artist or really, anyone that loves to indulge in cosmetics and they will most
certainly tell you that your eye makeup will make or break your look and it is imperative that you
find your favourite of the best mascaras. It's that one feature on your face that will
always pull the most attention to it so it's a must that you always want to pay the most attention
to your eyes when applying makeup. Now, you can enhance your eyes with special techniques,
while hiding any flaws with others, but you're looking for the easiest, fastest and most efficient
way, right? You don't want to have to go take online makeup courses to get the tools that you
need, instead, here is the ultimate trick that you will ever need to know... use a good mascara
and this article is about to share two of the best mascaras that you need to indulge in.
That's all! All you have to do is use a good mascara. Can you believe it? Mascara is the
quickest way to add some oomph! to your look and can easily be done without breaking the
bank. However, with all the mascaras that are on the market claiming to be the best mascaras
for 2012, it can be hard to sort through the good and bad quality ones, ones that clump, ones that
separate, ones that volumize and everything in between. Of course, I've took it upon myself and narrowed down your selections to two of the best!

By far, one of the best mascaras for 2012 is Bodyography Primer and Mascara lashes. This
tube of fabulousness does everything that you could ever want from a cosmetic. It primes,curls
your lashes, while making them sky high, without clumping them together. In fact, instead of
clumping your lashes as most other mascaras, this mascara separates each and every lash which each stroke and coats it separately, leaving it near impossible to add the spider-leg look of lashes that everyone hates. Try this product and you'll surely understand why it’s considered one of the best!

Blinc Kiss mascara definitely make it onto the best mascara list as well. It has all the
effects and qualities that you want, desire and deserve from a cosmetic, but focuses more so on protecting your lashes against smudging, clumping, crying.... and well, everything else that could ruin your luscious lashes!

If you aren't completely sure if you want more volume than length or vice versa, try both of these
cosmetic tubes of fabulousness out! Both are great and will work wonders for you and you'll
quickly be able to see exactly why these are two of the best mascaras out there

Friday, July 27, 2012

Trendy Nails

Nails are always fun to do; you can play around with them and change them often. Now days there are many nail products sold at stores that will still give you that nail salon look, for a much more affordable price. During the summer open toe shoes are worn much more often than any other season, that’s why it’s important to keep the toes in check. Hands however are always visible in any time of the year; therefore they should always look decent. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to get salon looking nails.


1)      Cut your nails and use a nail filer to help even them out.
2)      Make sure to always push your cuticles back; it gives your nails a cleaner look.
3)      Once you have done this select your base coat and apply.
4)      After all the steps above are completed you can chose to draw designs or apply nail stickers bought from the store (This is completely optional and depends on your preference). If you decide to apply the stickers, I suggest adding a tiny bit of nail glue so they don’t fall off (don’t put the glue on your nail but on the sticker!). Also if you want a more delicate look only make designs on one or two nails of each hand.
5)       After you have finished your nail art apply the top coat and wait for them to dry.


When doing your toes nails you also want to make sure that your feet look appealing as feet do tend to cause an effect on people!
If you can’t treat yourself to a pedicure, give yourself one! Your feet are the ones that get you places and once in a while it is good to give them maintenance.

1)      Place your feet in warm water and let them soften for a while.
2)      Scrub your feet, you can buy a special soap like formula or use regular soap to do this.
3)      Massage your feet in a circular motion and make sure to get the heels (often times the heels are the most damaged)
4)      Have fun with your toe nails by painting and adding designs ( follow the same steps as the ones listed above for your hands)
5)      Once your nails are all dried up, add some foot cream to your heels. Adding foot cream on daily basis it will prevent dryness and cracking. something your feet will definitely appreciate!

Finally, go out and show of your freshly done nails and put on some nice and comfortable open toe shoes ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Put Your Best Feature Forward

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.com

Take a look in the mirror. Stand completely naked if you feel a bit courageous-of course with the windows drawn and your bedroom door closed to block those unwelcomed peepers! Now really look at yourself. For most of us, it is fairly easy to focus on the parts of us that we do not like. Go ahead, look at those parts. Recognize what it is about it that you do not like. Let’s call these parts our “hidden potential” and set these notes aside for a later article for loving your not so ideal parts. Now look at yourself again. Find your best feature: that one aspect of your body that you absolutely love.

Can’t find one? Don’t be defeated. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Empty your mind for a second and just breath.

Now, I want you to think about everything about yourself that is great. Not just the physical but also the characters, emotions, actions that make you the amazing person that you are. As you open your eyes, do not lose sight of that amazing person that is you. Now really look at yourself. Do you see the compassion that exudes through your eyes? Or do you see the smirk on your lips or crinkle in your eyes that hint at a sense of humor or the ability to enjoy the small things in life? Or maybe you recognize the way your hair falls just right or your cheekbones that give your face just that bit of oomph? Maybe its your cute petite height or long, endless legs? Now let’s find a way to enhance that feature!

Say you love those beautiful eyes of yours. Once in awhile lets put the focus on those! If you want to play them up with eye shadow, here are the colors that are best to play them up with:

  • Blue Eyes: Try earth tones of soft browns, taupe or grays. To be playful try some rose colors eye shadows 
  • Green/Hazel Eyes: Try purple shades, or warm colors with hints of gold, mocha, and lavender.
  • Brown Eyes: The universal eye color for all eye shadow colors. Play around with different hues but don’t forget to blend blend blend!
  • Grey Eyes: Look at the flecks and hues within your eye. If you have blue flecks or hues cater towards the earth tones. For Green/Hazel and Brown fleck hues, cater towards those shades that draw these eye colors out.
Don’t feel like eye shadow? Make your eyes bold with a cat eye and mascara! Don’t forget to curl those lashes all the way at the base of the lash line. Oh and of course do not forget to frame those eyes by shaping and lightly filling those eyebrows. Want some more ideas on different eye enhancing ideas? Youtube “makeup tutorial” and live in eye shadow paradise.

How about those lips? I am a lover of nude colors but be bolder than me! To draw attention to those luscious lips, take out that red, pink, orange that is complementary for your skin color and wear it loud and proud. Make sure to pair it with your outfit for the day and make sure it’s not on those pearly whites. NOTE: Ladies, please do not pair bold eyes with bold lips.

Whatever it may be that you want to enhance, shoot for the moon and land on Jupiter! Be your very best friend and love your body and yourself for everything that you are.

Have questions on how to draw attention to your most loved part? Send us a note! I would love to write more on how to enhance more parts but I am out of space! Let me know how I can help you love the body that you are in.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Correctly Flat Iron Your Hair

It goes without saying that every woman has an individual hair types. She will no doubt fall into one or several hair groups, but her hair is unique and as such needs to be treated specially. This is the same when it comes to flat ironing hair. Each woman needs to find a way that straightens her hair to the desired style and causes the least amount of damage. Fortunately, because she does probably fall into a number of hair groups, here are a few tips to properly flat iron hair.

1. Be Aware of Damage
It is not recommended to flat iron your hair every day. The heat from a flat iron, although providing style, can really damage your hair. Heat is the number one cause of hair damage, and as flat irons require a lot of this, well, you do the math. It can cause dry, brittle hair, color loss, and dead ends. So, use this tool sparingly.

2. Make Sure Hair Is Conditioned
This step goes along with the first one. It does not matter what type of hair you have. Make sure to condition and moisturize hair before using a flat iron. Never use one on hair that has not been moisturized beforehand. This is what can really cause hair to become dry and lose its luster. Conditioner will protect the moisture in your hair.

3. Flat Iron Hair when It Is Clean and Dry
The number one best time to flat iron hair is when it is clean. This not only keeps moisture in your hair, but if you are someone that likes to use these heating tools, you will not have to use it again until after your next wash (recommended every two days minimum). Also, wait until it has been air dried or blow dried as flat ironing wet hair will only make it frizzy.
When you flat-iron your hair when it has not been washed in a few days, you lock in all the dirt and other chemicals that have been added to your hair. If you need to do a touch up a couple days after washing your hair, make sure to do it on light heat and try not to use it on all of the hair.

4. Take Advantage of Heat and Straightening Serums
After you wash your hair and before you use the flat iron, add either a heat protection serum to your hair or a straightening serum. Heat gels and balms are great for all hair types – especially someone with curls as they can get the most damage from a flat iron. Straightening serums are recommended for those prone to frizz or who live in places with humidity.
You will be surprised what adding this type of gel or cream to your hair followed by straightening will do to it. You can really roll out of bed the next couple of days, brush or comb your hair, and then go about your business.

5. Finishing with an Oil or Shine Spritz
Some women like to add oil before straightening, but this can cause considerable damage to the hair – not to mention cause the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. Instead, add these products afterwards for the best effect, but use lightly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Closeness Through Independence

A reader of ours recently sent us this message: “My husband and I have lost our passion. We go through our daily routine and we hardly talk anymore. I try to plan more things to do together but even that only helps temporarily. What can I do to continue the excitement?”

Dear Anonymous Yet Valued Reader,

Chemistry between two people stems from interest in the other, finding out who they are, what makes them so unique. Many relationships lose that spark due to several factors; but one common factor that causes couples to lose that spark is by constantly being around each other. Of course you want to be around your significant other because you find them interesting and you want to be an active part of their life; but constantly being around each other has its shortcomings: the curiosity wanes, conversations lack and the relationship goes stale.

Now, it’s not because you do not love each other anymore and it’s hardly for lack of wanting to keep the passion alive. But when you are together day in and day out, you don’t have anything the other does not know already.

So here is my crazy solution. In order to grow closer together…get away from each other. Tada! Extreme? Not at all. Difficult? Maybe at first. You are so used to your schedule. We are creatures of habit. We wake up, shower, go to work, come home, make dinner, dine together, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. But that cyclical schedule, though comfortable, can be the cause for your lack of spark.

You know what the other is up to every moment of the day because you’ve done it for so long. So take up a hobby, begin a new activity, get out of that house and take time for yourself! I can promise that your significant other will appreciate the time they have for themselves also.

I’ve been with the love of my life for 8 years and I have been blessed for every single day I have been with him. But 8 years is a mighty long time to keep the conversation going! We keep our relationship exciting by being just a little selfish by pursuing our personal interests and in turn we become a bit more supportive and compassionate towards one another’s needs and wants. Do something to better yourself and how you feel about yourself. By loving yourself and valuing who you are, others will in turn begin holding you to your true worth. But that is a whole other article in itself!

Back to the situation at hand. Have you wanted to learn a musical instrument? Take a dance or yoga class? Have a picnic at the park and finish that book that’s lying dusty in that bookshelf? Take a trip to a national park and climb the hill? Do one of these things or do all! It only makes sense that by taking up something new, you will have more to talk about.

I took up yoga to give myself some me time. I’m sure you’ve heard the physical benefits of yoga but the mental calmness and happiness I now carry with me day to day has changed my life. When I am with my significant other I no longer complain about my controlling boss or things at work that stress me out. Yoga has allowed me to look at life in a more calm and laid back manner. Instead of complaining during the time I have with my significant other, we spend the time together and just enjoy our time.

So I challenge you dear reader who submitted your question and to all the readers reading this: even if your relationship is amazing, even if your relationship is rocky, or even if its just right, I challenge all of you to finally do that one activity, that one action that you’ve been wanting to do but never got around to doing. Take some you time. Live your life. And do tell me about it.

If you have any questions shoot us a note! We would love to hear from you and would love to offer advice.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Volumizing thin and flat hair

           Having thin hair, is a curse I would never wish upon anyone! You’d think it would be easy to manage and low-maintenance, right? Well, you are wrong! Thin hair is anything but low-maintenance. I have to use an army of products just to add a tiny bit of body to my hair. Not to mention the amount of heat I need to use to give my hair that body.  It is a pain in the butt!
         After years of trying different products and experimenting with dozens of sprays and treatments to add thickness and body to my hair, I have found a system that works great! Follow the steps below to add some lift to your ‘do!

1.) Volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
            -Many people don’t see the importance in what type of shampoo and conditioner they use. Truth is, the shampoo and conditioner you use in the shower is the beginning of your styling process. Using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair feeling weightless and easier to add volume too.
 2.) Root boosting spray.
            -Spray the roots of your hair after towel drying to add lift to the roots and give your hair a little bit of body. 
 3.) Thickening spray/mist.
            -Unforutanetely, there isn’t much you can do to obtain thicker hair. However, there are ways to give the illusion of thick and full hair! Thickening mists do just that. Spray the mist all over damp hair to give the illusion of thicker hair.
 4.) Volumizing gel.
            -Running volumizing gel through the roots of your hair will give your hair a huge boost of volume and make your hair look and feel bigger.
 5.) Blow dry.
            -After you are done “chemically inducing” your hair, get ready to torture it a little more with the handy dandy blow dryer! Make sure to lift your hair at the roots while blow drying for additional volume.
 6.) Argan Oil *OPTIONAL
            -This step is optional because it doesn’t really add volume or texture but, it does help sooth your hair after the hell you just put it through. Running a little Argan Oil through the ends of your hair will make it feel softer and look healthier. Not to mention that it smells great!

After completing steps 1-6, grab your key’s and go for a drive because girl, you look fabulous! (;

Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Ways to Get His Attention

Relationships can be tricky.  The truth is most relationships, at some time or another, will need a boost. Whether the relationship is plagued by arguing, entering a period of boredom, or in need a spark to re-ignite the flames, this problem is all too common among couples.  Realize that you are not alone. Countless women find themselves in search of ways to get his attention and rekindle the love that once was.  Allow the 5 tips below to help get his attention and focus back on the relationship.
·         Show interest.  If you want your relationship to be strong, you must show interest in his life.  Get his attention by becoming involved in his day to day activities. He may be surprised that you are willing to go on a fishing trip or play a game of golf. Get tickets to see his favorite sports team in action and become their biggest fan! Sitting down at the end of the day and inquiring about how his day went will without a doubt get his attention.  Show interest in his day to day life and enjoy it!
·         Plan a getaway.  Ask him to make room in his schedule for a getaway.  Even allow him to pick the place! While on the trip, use the time to reconnect and talk about problems that have caused the relationship to take a turn.  Give him your undivided attention if only for a few days.  Do this often so that you don’t lose track of nurturing your relationship.
·         Do something spontaneous together! If the relationship feels old and boring, re-ignite the flames by doing something out of the ordinary.  Go out for a night of dancing at the local club, throw a party, or take a midnight drive to his favorite restaurant.  Rekindle those old feelings by finding ways to beat the monotony.
·         Buy new underwearMen are visual people.  Things that they see can often spark their interest.  If you haven’t made a run to the lingerie store in a while, try to get his attention this way. He is sure to notice a sexy, new nightgown or panties that he has never seen before.  This is a great way to catch his attention!
·         Care about your appearance.  Once you become comfortable in a relationship, it can be easy to let your appearance slack.  If times are tough in the relationship and you are trying to rekindle old flames, consider making your appearance a priority in an effort to get his attention.  Getting a new haircut, purchasing a few new outfits, and wearing make-up are just a few ways that you can help get his attention!
  Relationships are a bit like roller coaster. There are times when they may seem like they are on a downhill spiral and are in need of help.  During those time times, do what you can to get his attention.  Find ways to focus on each other and you are sure to overcome any battle that may be headed your way.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Three Steps to a Trendy Hairstyle

There is one thing trending worldwide when it comes to hair, and fortunately, it's a hairstyle that can be completed perfectly by anyone and everyone! Well,  as long as they have a sock. Yes, you guessed it! This summer season is all about rocking the sock bun and it's so easy to do! You look like a million bucks when in reality, it took you only 5 minutes to throw your hair up into this beautiful little updo.

Now of course, in order to get this hairstyle done properly, you need the steps right? Well, of course you do and don't worry ladies! This tutorial isn't extensive, using words and techniques that no one understands unless they went to professional hair styling school! It can be done, like I said, by anyone and everyone, as long as you have a sock! So go rummage through your sock drawer, or purchase a new one and get ready for this quick and extremely easy yet classic and chic sock bun tutorial!
Photo Credit: Chantilliscious

Step One: Get that dandy sock of yours, and a good pair of scissors. I say "good pair" because those old rusty things might not be able to cut through fabric, but if that's all you have, give it a shot! Try to find the thickest sock to use, and that you don't mind cutting up for this tutorial. Snip off the top, where your toes would be and roll the sock kind of into a circle, or a donut, rather. You want to be able to see through it. Think a short, short tunnel!

Step Two: Get those tangles out of your hair, and pull your hair back into a ponytail. This look is often done with a sleek pony tail, so be sure to use a brush to pull all your strands back. Secure your pony tail with an elastic. This is where your bun will be, so be sure to try different places that work for you. The most popular place is at the crown of your hair so you get a fabulously sock bun, high on your head.

Step Three: Take your sock that no longer has toes on it, and place your pony tail through it, like a string through a bead.  Starting at the end of your strands (pony tail) start rolling your hair over the sock, in all directions, being sure that the sock can no longer be seen. Continue to roll the sock down as you tuck your hair underneath it! Roll, Roll, Roll until your hair is all inside the bun, and as mentioned, completely covering the sock! Pin where you need and hairspray!

VOILA! That's is! Three simple steps and you have a sock bun! Who knew such a chic, trendy hairstyle was so easy, right? If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try adding braids into your bun for a little extra spunk! It can be a little more difficult than the classic sock bun, and well... if all else fails, leave the braids out and you'll still be looking absolutely fabulous! Happy Sock Buns to you!

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Help Prevent Split ends

It's the time of year, SUMMER! With the weather so nice and hot who doesn't want to jump in a swimming pool? I know I do. However chlorine is very damaging to the hair; it can cause split ends and dryness. Something we all hate, I mean, who wants to have dry-split end hair right? Here are a few simple tips that help keep the hair smooth and healthy looking- without having to avoid the pool or wear one of those funny looking swim caps, that totally ruin your swimming outfit.

1) Keratin: Buy shampoos with keratin infusion or simply take small doses of the keratin vitamin. These vitamins are not just great for the hair but for nails too!

2) Hair cream: After washing your hair it's great to put a dab of hair cream on the ends of your hair and then blow drying it and combing it. You will definitely feel the difference.

3) Conditioner: Just as hair cream works wonders, so does Conditioner, in fact they are very similar. This is something that you can chose to do twice a month or once month, depending on your hair type and preference. After rinsing your hair with Shampoo add the conditioner to your hair but do not rinse it out. Next put a clear plastic bag and blow dry it for about ten minutes. Finally, get back in the shower and rinse it out. For best result blow dry your hair and comb it.

4) Sun protector: Yes, vitamin E is good for the hair, but realistically speaking it's only healthy to soak in for 10 minutes a day, UV rays are very damaging, therefore it is good to buy sunscreen for the hair.

These methods are all very simple to follow, require little time, and products can be found anywhere; best of all they are very economic. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Combating Oily Skin

Face it! For some, oily skin is a problem that roars its ugly head on a daily basis.  Whether you suffer from break outs or simply can’t get rid of the shine, combating oily skin is likely a part of your daily routine.  If oily skin is a problem that you just can’t seem to overcome, the following tips will be helpful for you. Perhaps a few lifestyle changes can help you get the glowing, beautiful skin that your heart desires.

·         Focus on your diet. Being mindful of what you eat on a daily basis to help control your oily skin.  Avoid eating too many fried foods as the oil will eventually need a route of escape.  Unfortunately, for many people fried food is the ultimate enemy for both the waist line and oily skin! Focus on eating a fresh, healthy diet and increase your water intake.  Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help balance the oiliness of your skin.

·         Avoid using oil based cosmeticsWhen combating oily skin, it is helpful to purchase cosmetics that are made for skin with excess oil.  Oil-free cosmetics will reduce the shine, and also help prevent breakouts that occur when the skin has too much oil.  Consider using a mineral make-up as opposed to a liquid foundation.  Applying a setting powder may also give you oil free, shine free skin. If you are unsure of what cosmetic works best with your oily skin, visit a cosmetic store and ask for advice.  The make-up experts can help you decide what cosmetic is best for your oily skin.  Realize, however, that foundations and powders that help control oily skin are often more expensive.  They are worth the money!

·         Don’t overdo it with moisturizers.  While it is good to apply moisturizer to your skin on a daily basis, those with oily skin have natural moisturizers that often do require heavily moisturizing the skin.  Apply a small amount of moisturizer to areas of the skin that seem overly dry.  Mixing a small amount of moisturizer with water and applying it to the face will also help reduce the effects of oil on the skin.
·         Invest in rice paper sheets.  For those times during the day when your skin is excessively oily, rice paper sheets can come in handy. Available at your local drug or cosmetic store, rice paper sheet are an effective way to get rid of excess oil on your face that accumulates throughout the day. If you live in a humid climate, consider adding rice paper sheets to your list of “must haves” in your purse or handbag.

Oily skin is a problem that millions of women face on a daily basis.  Take matters into your own hands and do what you can to combat oily skin.  Eating a healthy diet, using cosmetics created for oily skin, avoiding heavy
moisturizers, and using rice paper sheets are all ways in which you can get the beautiful skin that you deserve.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Natural Remedies to Lighten Your Hair

Photo credit: Dare to Enter

With the economy still being somewhat on the downside, weekly, or even monthly salon visits may not fit your budget. Even if they do fit your budgets, salons can definitely be extremely expensive and damaging to your bank account. So why not skip out on your regular hair routine and try something new? You can most certainly achieve the same effects by doing do-it-yourself hair lighting remedies at home! Here are the top two methods to lighten your luscious locks, right in the comfort of your own home! Hey! It saves you money, and time... and you still get the look you're craving to achieve. Does it get any better than that?

The first method is definitely the most common and has been known for years to come, and there's no better time than to try it right now. Summer is here, the sun is shining and that means that the UV rays are pumping and you should get out there and enlighten yourself with the hair lighting treatment that uses an item that you probably already have in your kitchen! The Lemon Juice method goes back for years and why is it still around today? Well, because it works, of course! You can use this method to lighten all of your locks by socking root to ends in lemon juice, or you can spirtz for a "not so dramatic" change, or soak certain pieces of your locks to get highlights. It's natural and will also appear that way! Who doesn't want a natural looking natural remedy, right? Although, be sure to avoid those store bought products that claim to "naturally lighten your hair" with the sun because they're more times than not, packed with all sorts of chemical, including bleach and well, that doesn't make it very natural, or naturally looking, does it? This works for all hair types and colours so indulge, ladies and gentlemen! You'll love the results and the money you saved by skipping out on the salon for the week.

Now, the second method works best on lighter hair tones, such as blonde or lighter brown, but even if you have darker strands, you can most certainly try this home made remedy to see if it works for you. Chamomile tea brings lighter shades to your hair, and like the previous method, you can soak, spirtz or highlight your hair with this method to achieve different looks. Be sure to brew a very strong cup of chamomile tea and let it cool before dipping your luscious locks in! Once cooled, spirtz on your hair, put on your favourite bikini and get suntanning... and well, hair lighting as well.

Salons can be expensive and who doesn't enjoy a little sun bathing from time to time? Combine the both and bronze your skin as your lighten your hair with these two homemade remedies! They are natural, affordable and can be done within minutes! You can even spirtz your hair with these two things and head out for the day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Get Shiny, Healthy Hair

Most men would agree that the most beautiful part of a woman is her hair.  For this reason, many women set out on a daily basis to obtain shiny, healthy hair.  However, sometimes getting that beautiful shine is more difficult than it seems.  While some people are born with it, others have to pay out of pocket for that ever popular shiny look.  Listed below are just a few tips on how you can get shiny, healthy hair.  Will you take advantage of these tips? 

·         Eat a healthy diet.  As with most things, r diet can play an important role in obtaining the healthy, shiny hair that you want.  A few foods that can give your hair a boost include salmon, dark leafy green, beans, nuts, and eggs.  Foods that have natural oils can give your hair that natural shine.  Avoid processed foods that have little to no nutritional value and work only to dull your hair. 

·         Avoid using too many hair products.  Overusing hair products is likely the number one reason why many women struggle to obtain shiny hair.  Hair spray and gel are two examples of products that can promote build up on your hair and quickly take the shine away. Hair color is also a culprit for reducing shine and decreasing the overall health of your hair.  It’s okay to use products! Avoid over using them!

·         The flatiron is your friend.  Straitening your hair with a flat iron not only gives you that sleek, straight look you are going for, it is notorious in providing extravagant shine.  The key to getting shine is using a heat resistant spray that will protect your hair while straightening.  Flat ironing your hair is an inexpensive way to get the look of celebrities.

·         Don’t wash your hair every day.  Contrary to what you may think, washing your hair every day is NOT a good thing.  Why? Washing on a daily basis removes the natural oil from your hair and causes it to become dull and lifeless.  Wash your hair at least every other day to help keep your natural shine.  If you can stand 3 days, go for it! 

·         Take your vitamins.  If you struggle with dull, lifeless hair, vitamins can help.  Vitamin E, beta carotene, fish oil, and biotin are examples of vitamins that can help boost the shine of your hair.  There are supplements designed specifically improve the overall appearance of your hair. Not only will you notice an increase in shine, you will also notice that your hair is stronger. 

·         Protect your hair from the elements.  Weather and exposure to sun can also affect your hair’s shine.  During prolonged periods in the sun, cover your hair with a hat to help protect it.
Shiny, healthy hair isn’t just for the celebrities.  From taking vitamins to protecting your hair from the elements, there are many ways that you can use lifestyle changes to help get the shiny hair that you have always wanted.     

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness - No More Excuses!

Exercise is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, in the lives of many women, there is little or no time left in the daily schedule to squeeze in a much needed workout.  Don’t fret! Whether you spend hours each day at the office or sitting in a classroom gaining knowledge for an upcoming career, there are unique ways that you can add fitness as a daily part of your routine.  Not having time is no excuse! Listed below are a few ways that fitness can be a part of your life without having to set aside time each day at the gym. 

·         Utilize your lunch break.  Instead of spending your lunch break at the local fast food joint, consider using this time to get a good workout in.  Eat a quick, healthy lunch at your desk and then hit the stairs! Spend 20 to 30 minutes climbing the stairs of your office building as quickly as you can.  This will burn calories and get your heart rate up to help improve your health.  Ask a coworker or friend to join you to help with motivation and to beat the monotony that often comes with exercising.  Encourage the whole office to get involved! 

·         Get your walk on! If you live within walking distance of your job, use this as an opportunity to get into shape.  Instead of driving or taking the bus or train to your work place, leave a little earlier so that you can make the walk.  Walking briskly for 30 minutes in the morning will boost your metabolism, help you lose weight, and keep you in shape. You can shed as many as 200 calories walking to work each morning.  What a great way to start the day! 

·         Clean! Then clean again! That’s right! Cleaning is a great way to get in shape.  Activities such as vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are just a few of the many examples of cleaning that can help you get in your daily workout. So, the next time you have to spend the evening cleaning, turn on some tunes and give it all that you’ve got! The more rigorously your clean, the better your results will be. 

·         Dance the night away.  Those afterhours social gatherings can also provide the perfect opportunity for you to burn calories. Instead of just going out for drinks, invite your friends out for a night of dancing.  An hour of dancing will get your heart rate up and help you burn as many as 500 calories! 

“I don’t have time for exercise!” This is the number one excuse of women everywhere. Sure, you may not have time to fit in a workout at the gym into your daily schedule, but there are many creative ways to add fitness to your daily routine.  Use the tips listed above to help you get started.  Lastly, invest in a pedometer and challenge yourself to take more steps each day! What creative way will you find to add fitness into your daily routine?