Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Correctly Flat Iron Your Hair

It goes without saying that every woman has an individual hair types. She will no doubt fall into one or several hair groups, but her hair is unique and as such needs to be treated specially. This is the same when it comes to flat ironing hair. Each woman needs to find a way that straightens her hair to the desired style and causes the least amount of damage. Fortunately, because she does probably fall into a number of hair groups, here are a few tips to properly flat iron hair.

1. Be Aware of Damage
It is not recommended to flat iron your hair every day. The heat from a flat iron, although providing style, can really damage your hair. Heat is the number one cause of hair damage, and as flat irons require a lot of this, well, you do the math. It can cause dry, brittle hair, color loss, and dead ends. So, use this tool sparingly.

2. Make Sure Hair Is Conditioned
This step goes along with the first one. It does not matter what type of hair you have. Make sure to condition and moisturize hair before using a flat iron. Never use one on hair that has not been moisturized beforehand. This is what can really cause hair to become dry and lose its luster. Conditioner will protect the moisture in your hair.

3. Flat Iron Hair when It Is Clean and Dry
The number one best time to flat iron hair is when it is clean. This not only keeps moisture in your hair, but if you are someone that likes to use these heating tools, you will not have to use it again until after your next wash (recommended every two days minimum). Also, wait until it has been air dried or blow dried as flat ironing wet hair will only make it frizzy.
When you flat-iron your hair when it has not been washed in a few days, you lock in all the dirt and other chemicals that have been added to your hair. If you need to do a touch up a couple days after washing your hair, make sure to do it on light heat and try not to use it on all of the hair.

4. Take Advantage of Heat and Straightening Serums
After you wash your hair and before you use the flat iron, add either a heat protection serum to your hair or a straightening serum. Heat gels and balms are great for all hair types – especially someone with curls as they can get the most damage from a flat iron. Straightening serums are recommended for those prone to frizz or who live in places with humidity.
You will be surprised what adding this type of gel or cream to your hair followed by straightening will do to it. You can really roll out of bed the next couple of days, brush or comb your hair, and then go about your business.

5. Finishing with an Oil or Shine Spritz
Some women like to add oil before straightening, but this can cause considerable damage to the hair – not to mention cause the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. Instead, add these products afterwards for the best effect, but use lightly.

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