Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tips For Proper Shampooing

Washing your hair. It seems simple doesn't it? You lather, rinse and repeat once every other day. However, there's more to shampooing than what you may possibly know. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous, and it all starts in the shower!

Proper Shampooing
In order to receive the most benefits from shampooing your hair, you have to do it properly. You can purchase the most prestigious product on the market, but if you're not washing your hair correctly, you certainly won't be receiving all the benefits that you should be. When washing your hair, do not forget about your scalp. Often times, people lather their strands and that's it. Massage the shampoo into the scalp as well, as this is the most important step of shampooing. Ignoring the scalp can also cause a build up of product which can result in a very unflattering, dry, brittle, flat hair style.

Don't Always Believe The Commercials
You've seen it a million times before. A beautiful girl comes on the tv screen with luscious locks floating and bouncing all over the place. Using the product doesn't mean that your hair is going to do the same. In fact, those tv models achieve such volume by using hot rollers. With that said, there are volumizing shampoos that work excellently, but don't expect the same results as the commercials because there is much more to their look than just the product.

Less is More
We've all glopped on a huge amount of shampoo to wash our hair. However, less is more when it comes to shampooing and anything larger than a quarter-sized amount is way too much. With too much shampoo, your hair isn't really being washed, so squeeze the proper amount!

Ingredients Can Be Counterproductive
Natural oils are a fabulous ingredient in your hair products, but just because a brand is using a specific oil doesn't mean that it will work. You have to read all the other ingredients because sometimes, the combination of them can make the natural oils counter productive. In addition, the product must contain more than 5% of the oil in order for it to work effectively.

Salon Products At Drug Stores
A new trend of the hair industry is allowing consumers to purchase salon products. As a result, you can purchase salon shampoos from your local drugstore. You just have to know what you're looking for and shop around. In addition, there are several beauty stores that are now open to the public, so you no longer have to have a license to be able to enjoy quality products.

Choose Shampoo For You
Just because a product works fabulously for your best friend does not mean that it will give you the same results. It is imperative to choose a product that suits all of your requirements, needs and characteristics. For example, if you dye your hair, you must opt for a color treatment shampoo to ensure that the color holds throughout your washes.

Lastly, never wash your hair daily. It will strip the natural nutrients and oils right out of your hair.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Cross and Skulls

 Skull Cross Scarf

Hello ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful week. But may your weekend be even better. For today's blog article I want to discuss cross and skull designs. During the summer it was all about the floral designs and the bright colours. Coming the fall the whether beings to cool; which means the wardrobe must also change. Lately, crosses and skulls have been a hit. Some of these designs were even seen during the summer, but I have a feeling the will be even more popular in the fall.
Infinity Scarfs: Okay, do you all remember the long warm wool scarfs? Those are back! However, there are more infinity scars made out different materials, and some even have designs of skulls and crosses. They are very cute and juvenile. Aside from keeping you warm they make great accessories, and give your overall look more personality.
Sweaters: Alright, cardigans have been a hit for a long time. They are very convenient because they look good with just about anything. What about sweaters? Sweaters are super cozy to wear during the fall. What's great about some of the sweaters that are coming out is that they have really cool cross or skull designs. They are no longer just plain old sweaters. I personally love red and gold together, so last time I saw a red sweater with a gold cross design I thought it was super cute.
Flats: Okay, I know these are not necessarily fall shoes, but they could be if it's not raining and not to cold out. Anyways, flats that have skull designs are very styling, especially when your outfit is a bit plain. Leave it to the shoes to make it all better.
Accessories: Accessories are essential in any part of the year. They complement the look in so many different ways. Two really awesome accessories I have seen are rings and necklaces. I think the shiny looking skull leaves quite an impression when it's hanging around your neck. When it comes to the rings, it's a different story. I love the two finger ring, especially in the shape of a cross. It really leaves a statement.
Okay ladies, those are all the things I have to say for today. I hope you all have a wonderful and cozy Friday afternoon. Have an awesome weekend. 

Photo Citation:VanityKills. ShopVanityKills.27 September 2013.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Airbrush Celebs: The Good, The Bad, The...."Wow"!!!!

We are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities. When I was young, I always wondered how they looked fantastic 100% of the time. Even when I took time to get ready, my makeup and hair were melting and falling apart within an hour or two, though this is partially due to cheap beauty products and not knowing the tricks of the makeup trade.

This ignorance stayed with me until someone showed me Photoshop and the misleading effects of airbrushing and photo editing. Sometimes this totally baffled me because these women were naturally beautiful even in the paparazzi photos where minimal editing is applied. 

Anyways, there have been several photos out there that (1) made you question why they even photoshopped and (2) who did they hire to photoshop this image?! Let's check some out.

Naturally Beautiful-Why did they even photoshop the image? These photos include celebrities and models who are naturally beautiful and should simply be shown just the way they are. It is a natural and real representation of what people look like.

Britney Spears-Britney was photographed here after having kids. What do you think someone is going to look like? Are we trying to preserve her 17 y/o figure? We all know she does not look like that anymore and her real body (shown right) is just as beautiful.

Faith Hill-Ms. Hill is absolutely beautiful and radiant. What was the point of making her arm and face more skinny?

Jennifer Aniston-Oh Jen. The girl-next-door beauty definitely does not need any photoshopping. Why photoshop out natural face lines? How are we ever suppose to make an expression if facial lines do not form? 

Model-This woman is just beautiful just the way she is. Why hire a plus size model if you are going to photoshop her? What was the point?

Oh Bageezus!!!-Who did they hire to photoshop this image? 

The photos below just crack me up! These are celebrity photoshop fails that always make my day. 

Tina Fey-Her face looks like its melting off and skewed to the left. 

Oprah-Ok...I'm not going to say anything right away.... Take a look back at the picture...

Did you find it? No? Look again.

OMG DID YOU SEE IT?! Stevie Wonder's arm is floating behind Oprah!

Brad and Kids-Ok another one. I'm not going to say anything again right away. Take a good look at the above picture.

Did you find it this time? Well I'd hope so since it's circled in red!

THERE'S AN EVIL TWIN!!! I guess even tabloids will do anything to come up with a story ;)

Beyonce-Ok. Let's finish with Queen B herself. One more picture that you need to analyze. Did you find it? Look!!!

I always knew Beyonce was too perfect. Girl has had 3 arms this whole time! That's how she dances so great AND is able to hold the mic

Fun times!!! :) Laugh, cry a little, and have a great!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall's Hottest Hair Trends

The fall season is officially here. Everyone is throwing on their yoga pants and sprinting to the closet cafe to order a spiced pumpkin latte. Don't lie... You know you're tempted! It's one of the amazing things about the season, but the best is definitely the new trends. With every season comes new trends in all sorts of style and fashion, and hair is amongst one of them. In order to look super haute and on top of the hot list, you need to know what the hair trends are for fall 2013, right? Here are some new looks you should be seeing around the city, and you may even feel intrigued to indulge in them yourself.

Get Low With Your Pony
The fall season runway shows had their models sporting low ponytails all over the place. Now, you may think that this style is rather bleh and boring for your unique sense of style. However, there are a variety of ways in which you can implement couture style to a basic hair updo. One of a favorite amongst translators is also the easiest. All you have to do is section off a piece of your ponytail about an inch wide and wrap it around the elastic band and clip. It hides the elastic and makes the ponytail look extremely chic. You can also add a bit of poof to the crown of your head when indulging in the hair trend of tying it up at the nape of your neck.

Side Faux Bangs
Opting for bangs is a serious commitment, and it may be one that you're not willing to make. The fall season is all about faux side swept bangs. You don't even have to take a trip to a stylist or take scissors to your hair. All you have to do is retrain your hair part to be lower to the side, and blow try your hair in a side swept motion across your forehead. After a few times, your hair will naturally begin to fall this way.

The Wet Look
Not a personal favorite, but the runway was full of models with wet hair. It may not necessarily be wet, and that's the key to this trend if you are eager to indulge. Instead of actually leaving your strands wet while you risk the brisk air (Which can cause tons of damage to your locks), use hair oil lightly to provide the texture and shine that is required when pulling off this fall hair trend. You can twist and flip the hair to give it a more natural look like you just came out of the shower.

These are three fall hair trends that have been walking the runway shows, and that can cater to all kinds of events that you'll be enjoying throughout the fall season. You can rock a casual low ponytail, side sweep your bangs for an updo, or get wet with some oil. Which one are you eager to try?

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Friday, September 20, 2013

At Home Pedi

Happy Friday ladies I hope this week was successful for all of you. For today's blog I would like to discuss how give yourself a wonderful pedicure at the comfort of your own home. Let's take a look.

Soaking the Feet: Okay, first thing is first, make sure you place your feet in nice warm water, or the foot massage. Leave your feet in the water for about five minutes, and just relax. After that, you will want you use a pumice stone to scrape your feet. I promise you will feel the difference after scrubbing them. Pumice stones aid in the removal of callouses or harden skin around the heel.

Cut and File: This step is quite simple. However, I recommend you cut your toenails after having had your feet soaked in water for a while; water makes the nails softer and therefore easier to cut.  After you have cut you nails you want to make sure you remove your cuticle! Removing the cuticle is a must; it forms great part of your overall look, making your nails look clean. There are several ways to go about removing the cuticle; you can even use your nail clipper. Once you have completed these steps you want to shape the nails with a nail filler so they look delicate and pretty.

Polish: Finally, once you have completed all the steps above, pick your nail polish. Personally I think a simple French pedi looks very pretty and classy. If you decide to go for the French pedi, you can even add a design to your big toe to make the overall look pop out. If you are a talented nail designer, than by all means go for it and make a design. If you're like me and love nail deigns but can't draw them yourself, do not worry, there is nail sticker you can use.

Top Coat: Finally make sure you add a top coat to seal the look. I recommend buying a good quality top coat to guarantee its performance. Remember cheap isn't always best.

Alright ladies, that concludes the end of our discussion. I hope you all take care of yourself from time to time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Photo Citation: Roe Louise. Ready Pedi Go. louiseroe. 3 September 2013. 20 September 2013.   

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Phillip Lim Releases New Fashion Line At Target

Way to go Target. Another thing to buy when I originally walked into Target for one bottle of makeup remover. 

Thai-Chinese descent American fashion designer, Phillip Lim released a fashion line on September 16, 2013 with Target. Did I just say that the co-founder and creative director of 3.1 Phillip Lim, the awardee of the 2007 award for Emerging Talent in Womenswear, and the awardee for the Council's Swarvoski award for Menswear released a fashion line at Tar-zhay?!? 

Why yes, yes I did.

Target has positioned themselves as a store with quality items without the tears and regret after purchase. They are definitely maintaining their chic alter ego by continuously bringing in more and more quality and affordable fashion collections for both men and women. 

Branding it as the chic on the go collection, Phillip Lim's fashion line pays homage to whimsical clothing and accessories for both men and women.  His line includes little black dresses, trench coats (perfect for the cooling weather), fun and flirty bags, and bold and lively print.  

This fashion line is so coveted that there was a disturbance at a Target store in West Hollywood. While the shopping was friendly and polite at the beginning, the peace soon ended when a new pallet of Lim bags were brought out to replenish inventory. 

With flailing arms, pushing and shoving, the women swooped in left and right of the employees stocking the shelves! Lim you know how to drive the women wild. One shopper, Crystal Martin, was quoted saying, "It was out of control. This was painful. It was crazy." 

So let's preview what this awesome, spunky and beautiful collection looks like:


Beautiful dresses that impress

Bold and fun prints are included

The coveted purses

Just in time for fall outerwear


Snazzy shoes

Manly but comfortable shirts and polos


Just in time for fall outerwear

Men's accessories

Prices for Lim's collection at target range of $19.99 to $299.99, a far cry from what his normal collections run for (try scooting that decimal place one more to the right. Yikes!). His items are available in store and online (items limited due to current demand). 

Here is a perfect example of fashionista smarts. While not super cheap (e.g. Walmart), this fashion line also isn’t running in your typical designer brand price range. It’s a good balance of finding fashion that fits your budget and is manufactured with style and quality material.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Adding Color to Your Home

Hello ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend in where you got to sleep in and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. In today's blog I would like to share with you guys some ideas about home decor, specifically how to add some color to certain rooms of your house. Lets take a look at some ideas.

Living room: Okay, when it comes to the living room, you really want something that says wow, because after all it is the place where you spend time with family and friends. Therefore, you want it to look it's best. I personally like how color cushions look on dark color couches. Cushions can be very fashionable in a room. Buy the covers and alternate them between seasons. Another item that would leave a statement in your living room is a rug! There are so many different types of rug designs, just pick whichever one works best for your theme.

Kitchen: When it comes to the you always want it to be welcoming, especially if you have an open concept kitchen. Some ideas of kitchen decor include food clocks, food portraits, or even long wooden spoons and forks. Any of these items look great in the kitchen, just find the perfect spot for them, and voila.

Room: If you have a guest room you always want it to be welcoming and warm. I suppose you would want this for your own room as well so here it is. Paint one wall of the room bright! pink, red, whatever color you choose and add a pretty portrait. If you decide to go for a pink wall, a black and white portrait would look very pretty. On the other hand if you don't want to risk messing up the wall, paint the entire room one solid color. I would recommend using light warm colors for this. Once this is all done, pic a color that goes well with the painting and buy things of that color to decor the rest of the room with, some examples include pillow covers, table lamp, and portraits.

Alright, that concludes our blog. I hope you liked the ideas. And. if you're planning on changing you home decor give these ideas a shot. I'll leave you with these Ideas, have a lovely week.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine You'll Thrive On

Here are the top three things you need to add, change or adjust within your skin care routine to delay the signs of aging.

With so many products staring down at you from the drugstore shelves, it can seem darn near impossible to pick skin care products that will truly delay the signs of aging. Believe it or not, but you don't even have to really get a product that reads that it will delay the signs of aging. Instead, you just need to take care of your skin with daily, gentle cleansing. Do you think it's too good to be true? Well, you better believe it! Of course, you can get a daily, gentle skin cleanser that helps to delay the signs of aging which will truly work wonders on your skin.

You should never underestimate the power of antioxidants when it comes to adopting a skin care routine that will delay the signs of aging. You must protect your skin. We've all heard it from the time that we were born, right? Well, why would it be any different now? Never skip out on your SPF lotion and definitely adopt an antioxidant product that will further protect your skin against the harmful things that we subject it to every day, because besides the sun, there's pollution in the air, chemicals in our homes and all sorts of junk that is flying around that can certainly put a damper on your skin. So be sure to get some skin care products specifically with antioxidants to ensure that you're doing everything you can to delay the signs of aging.

When it comes to the night time, it's crucial that you don't skip out on your anti-aging skin care routine because this is the one time of night that you can plaster some fabulous products on your skin and let it work it's magic as you get some shut eye. How perfect is that? You really don't have to do anything other than put it on and relax and rest. I had you at relax and rest, didn't I? Often times, people cleanse, moisturize and get some shut eye, but when it comes to treating your skin to help deter aging signs, it's imperative that you go a little beyond the typical. Give your skin a touch of a spa treatment at night by using anti-aging skin care products that are specific to night time. Deep moisturizers and night time serums will have your skin looking and feeling like a million bucks, and hey! If you're putting on products at night anyway, why not put on products that will thoroughly rejuvenate and treat your skin?

In addition, use these practices for your hair with a product such as Joico to ensure that your youth is apparent all over.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Dietary Essentials

       Woooh, it's everyone's favourite time of the week, FRIDAY! This means the weekend is around the corner, which means relaxation and fun for most people. In today's blog article I would like to talk about some nutritional facts that can help aid your diet. There are certain people that don't get enough protein or fruit/ veggies in their diet. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they don't like them or they simply prefer one over the other. So, what can be done?
: If you're in a rush most of the time and only have one source of protein a day I recommend you buy protein powder and make yourself protein shakes. In the mornings just take a bottle with some protein powder, add water, shake, and voila; simple, easy, and nutritious. It also fills you up a little bit. If you don't like the plain taste of protein, have it in a milkshake or smoothie, you won't even taste it. Very convenient to have for breakfast

Vitamins/ Smoothies: Alright many times our sources of vitamin come from fruits and vegetables. But what to do when you don't like eating certain veggies? (such as spinach, kale, carrots, the list is endless). I can only come up with two reasonable things. Number one, make a smoothie out of all the fruits you like and add in some kale, or carrot juice, whatever it may be. I can guarantee that if you do this you won't taste the vegetable you don't like; you will mostly taste the fruit. Always add a lot of fruit. Another thing you can do of course is take vitamins. I mean hey, a lot of people take vitamin C instead of eating Oranges. It doesn't matter how you obtain your vitamins, as long as you obtain them.
Almonds: Okay, besides being delicious, almonds are an excellent source of vitamin. They make for great snacks. If you live a in a place in where you don't get a lot of vitamin E all year round, almonds are something you want to purchase. They go great in salads too.
Wheat-grassShots: Now, here is something not many people have heard of and not something many people take. Wheat-grass as you can already guess is grass. However if you don't like vegetables it's a greater placement for them. It contains vitamins A though C and E and has lots of amino acids. There is even been talks that it some cases it helps prevent cancer! And the nice thing about it is that you take it as a shot.
      Okay ladies, there you have today's blog. I hope you found this blog informational. There is lot more dietary essentials; these are just a few, so feel free to share any! Remember ladies, no one can take care of your health but yourself. I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

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