Friday, November 30, 2012

Reverting Back to Childhood!


Do you ever have does days in where you think “ ugggh, I hate being a grown up, being a child was so much better.” I know I’ve had some of those days myself. Oh the wonders of being a child, we had no care in the world. I’m I right or I’m I right? Let’s face it as grownups we have so many other responsibilities. Responsibility is a good thing to have, but it’s also big thing to handle. So when you feel like you have the world on your shoulder because of how many things you are in charge of take a break. And by taking a break I mean do what you enjoyed doing as a kid. Get goofy and silly, don’t care about what anyone else thinks or says; we all have an inner child, so let her have some fun! Here is what I suggest doing.

Disney Movies: What better way to revert back to your childhood than watching your old time favorite movies! Ladies these movies are classical; they are probably one of the first things you watched as a child. Have a chilled night at home, call out some girlfriends, buy some snacks, and enjoy.

Favorite Type of Snack You Loved: As a child what was your ultimate favorite snack? I know children have a lot of favorites, but what do you recall being the absolute best thing to munch on? I myself used to love those watermelon gummies. Now that I’m older I don’t find the cravings to buy them (as much), this is probably due to the fact that as grownups are palatable changes slightly. Any who, if you happen to find something you really loved munching on as a child don’t hesitate to buy it. Eating something that you don’t usually eat and you ate as a child, definitely takes you back.   

Favorite Childhood Activity: As a kid what was your favorite type of activity? Were you a swimmer; a soccer player; or an arts and crafts type of gal?  What was it that you enjoyed? Really think about it, and then find time to take part in that activity. If it’s dealing with sports, get out there and join a team. Remember it’s all about having fun, and bringing out your inner child. 

 Okay ladies, that is my advice to you today. Remember adults can have fun being childish too. Doing childish things, or watching kids’ movies doesn’t make you foolish, it makes you human. So don’t let people tell you otherwise. Always remember this, no matter how old you are, you will always have your inner child inside you.