Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do It Yourself: Hair Masks From Your Kitchen

The combination of dry weather and my recent coloring has left my hair a bit frazzled and dry. Moisture repair needed stat! While I try to keep the shampooing to every third day and the hot tools to a minimum, I'm still experiencing some major dryness and frizzing at the ends. 

Solution #1: Purchase a very expensive hair mask in the hope that it will repair and moisturize stat! I visited our local Ulta and found that good hair masks cost $50+! I can't drop that only a small jar of moisturizer that may last me only a few months. That is insane!!! So solution #1: FAIL.

Solution #2: Search the good ol' web for Mother Nature's natural remedies. I found some great DIY hair masks that received great reviews. Check them out below.

Rawmazing's Avocado Coconut Oil Hair Mask:
Moisturize dry strands
Rawmazing recently posted a very delicious yet hair nutritious avocado, coconut oil hair mask. It only requires three simple ingredients: (1) avocado, (2 tablespoons) melted coconut oil, and (10-20 drops) of rosemary essential oil. 
The natural and rich oils from the avocado and coconut oil will leave your strands feeling soft, shiny and healthy. Fullness is also an added bonus. 

How To:
  1. Combine all ingredients in food processor.
  2. Paint on hair, then squeeze to distribute evenly. 
  3. Leave on for 1/2 hour and shampoo out. 

'Nana Hair Mask: Moisturize and strengthen damaged hair
Bananas are great for your body and great for your hair. While we knew that the potassium in bananas were great for muscle function and maintaining fluid balance and normal blood pressure, potassium is also a great agent to strengthen and fix damaged hair. This mask only requires two ingredients: (1) ripe banana and (1 tablespoon) honey. While delicious, make sure to leave enough of the mask for your hair!

How to:
  1. Blend banana in a blender and smooth out any chunks. Chunks = banana in your strands all day!
  2. Apply and distribute evenly, massaging into scalp
  3. Leave on for 1/2 hour and rinse with shampoo. Condition as normal

Olive Oiled Eggs: Simple but effective hair moisturizerTime for a very simple yet very effective hair mask! And you already have this in your kitchen. No need to hit the store. Olive my eggs! Bad pun I know! You need (2) egg yolks and (2 tablespoons) extra virgin olive oil. The egg yolks will strengthen hair follicles and add natural shine while the olive oil will hydrate and deep condition. Sounds like a winner me.

How to:
  1. Beat the egg yolks together with a whisk, creating a frothy mixture.
  2. Add the two tablespoons of extra virgin oil oil and mix until a thick and creamy mixture is formed.
  3. Apply to semi damp hair and massage in.
  4. Leave in for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash out with shampoo, making sure to get the olive oil out.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Three Methods of Teasing Your Hair

Adding volume to your hair has never been easier, but it has also never been more damaging to your hair. So, as a teasing rule of thumb, only tease when absolutely necessary. I usually tease my hair on "second day hair" because it falls so flat on my head. Of course, you always have the option to use products as well, but there is something that teasing does for hair that is rarely found in products. So, I totally understand the addiction of backcombing your hair.

What you may not know is that there are a variety of different ways that you can tease your hair, and each method will give you a distinctive appearance. All you need is the brushes mentioned below, and some hair spray! Here are the different ways that I get my locks to defy gravity.

Flick the Strands Lightly With a Paddle Brush
Teasing doesn't always have to be done right at the roots. One of my favourite ways to tease my hair is to use my paddle brush and flick my strands backwards, as opposed to dragging it along the entire shaft. With a few quick flicks, my hair is teased and has less of a tangle. I lightly brush over the top and instantly, I have the volume desired without my hair being out of this century.

Focus on the Roots With a Comb
The most common way of teasing your hair is done at the roots. A fine teethed comb can be used, but I like to use a teasing brush specifically. It tricks me into thinking that I'm not doing nearly as much damage to my hair. All you have to do is section your hair into 3 inches and an inch from the root, start back combing. The trick to this method of teasing is that it has to be done underneath the top layer of your hair, and you must have enough hair to cover the teasing part.

Texture Tease With Round Brush
This is a great way to add some texture to your hair, and I specifically do this for up dos. You lightly tease the strands of your hair, just to brush over them slightly so that there is a bit of hold and texture put into the style. This is a favorite thing to do for bangs that you want to be pulled back into the entire hairstyle.

Remember, ladies. Teasing your hair is super destroying, so try to do it only when absolutely needed. There are quality products that will give you a similar look without the incredible damage that teasing does. I can't blame you though - I have a teasing addiction too.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keeping Yourself Fresh During Cold Weather

Hello Dear Readers!

I am here today to help you keep moisturized and hydrated during those cold, winter months. I have been very lucky to be included on a business trip to New York. While I have been here for 8 days, I have found that my skin and hair have experienced extreme drying in this weather! While many readers may experience this annually, this California girl doesn’t usually see below 60 degrees during the day so this negative degree weather is doing major damage to the tresses and the skin.

So for those of you who aren’t accustomed to the cold weather, I have a few tips to keep you glowing and happy during this extreme weather change. Whether you are preparing for a trip or are already stressing during your trip, I hope that my advice below can help you out.

Wash Your Hair Less
Because I have colored hair, the hair stylist has advised that I only wash my hair every three days. While this is great for maintaining hair color, this is also great for keeping your hair moisturized. The thing about most shampoo is that it is formulated to get rid of everything on your hair: dirt and natural oils altogether. Natural oils keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated. So don’t fear if on the third day your hair may seem a tad bit shiny-but again, this is different for everyone! Thinner hair tends to get oilier faster and thicker hair can withstand the longer time period between washes. But try not to wash daily. Daily washes strips your hair of natural and healthy oils, causing your scalp to overproduce (just like your skin when you over wash and exfoliate!)

Moisturize Your Hair Longer
During the colder weather, I try to deep condition my hair once or twice a week. If you do not have a deep conditioner, wash your hair and body like normal, and then add your conditioner at the end (make sure to ring your hair out of all the water post shampoo and pre conditioner-this will help the conditioner soak into your hair). Keep the conditioner in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes post shower and rinse in the sink. This will hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Moisturize Your Body
The cold air strips and drys the surface of your skin of moisture. Post shower, make sure to moisturize your skin with a layer of lotion and then apply a body butter to rough spots such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Apply post shower and before bed. Are you seeing unnaturally dry skin? Invest in a body scrub and apply once a week. This will help get rid of dry skin that may be interfering with the moisturizer from soaking in.

With the dry weather, make sure you pay attention to problem areas and alleviate the problem early on! Stay hydrated!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fix Those Curly Hair Problems

For everyone who has curly hair, you probably feel like it is such a drag. It's funny how straight hair girls want curly hair, and curly hair girls want straight hair. Is the grass really always greener on the other side? We don't think so! Instead, we think that as long as you know how to properly care for your kind of hair, then everything is smooth sailing from then on. Yes, pun intended. So, for the curly hair ladies that are ready this post - Embrace the lovely ringlets and waves that you have. They don't have to be frizzy or fluffy. You just need to know how to care and tame the beasts.

Psst - These tips work well for all kinds of hair other than curly as well.

Steer Clear of Sulfates
Sulfates are damaging ingredients. That is one thing that we know for sure. You need to place importance on the quality of your products when you have curly hair especially, because "flaws' can be seen much more wildly than if you were to have straight hair. Sulfates are the foaming detergents that are in almost all shampoos. They cause extreme drying for curly hair, which results in the frizz that you want to avoid.

Some sulfate names to avoid include; Alkylbenzene sulfonates, Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, Ammonium laureth sulfate, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium Xylenesulfonate, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium cocoyl sarcosinate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, Sodium myreth sulfate, Sodium Xylenesulfonate, TEA-dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Ethyl PEG-15 cocamine sulfate, and Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate.

Stay Away From Silicones
Silicones are non-soluble ingredients that often come in conditioners and styling products, and they cause a film and build up to happen on your hair. Gross, right? They often work to attack your hair when combined with sulfates, so if you can cut both of these ingredients out, your hair is much more likely to see better days.

Here are some silicone names to avoid; Dimethicone, Bisaminopropyl dimethicone, Cetearyl methicone, Cetyl Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Stearoxy Dimethicone, Stearyl Dimethicone, Trimethylsilylamodimethicone, Amodimethicone, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Behenoxy Dimethicone and Phenyl trimethicone.

In addition, avoid waxes. They work the same as silicones and build up on your hair. Some of the names to avoid are; Castor oil, Mineral oil (parrifidium liquidium), Petrolatum, bees wax, and candelia wax.

Dodge Drying Alcohols
You guessed it! These ingredients dry out your hair like you wouldn't believe, and the worst thing is that they are found in a variety of conditioners, gels, mousses and other styling products such as hairsprays. They aren't as damaging in shampoos since you rinse the product out, but when you put drying alcohols on your hair for it to soak in all day - You're just asking for some damaged tresses. On the contrary, don't get moisturizing and fatty alcohols confused because these are actually good for your hair.

Some drying alcohols to avoid include; Denatured alcohol, SD alcohol 40, Witch hazel, Isopropanol, Ethanol, SD alcohol, Propanol, Propyl alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol

If you start taking care of your hair, you will definitely be rocking much better curls!
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Beautiful You


Hello ladies, I hope you are all doing wonderful this Friday afternoon. I'm super excited about the weekend, as I'm going to have fun with some of my girls :). I hope you all get to enjoy your weekend as well. Anyways, for today's blog I want to discuss simple everyday make up that you can wear to work or school. It is a very natural look. Let's take a look.

Foundation: Okay, I used to always use powder foundation from Clinic, until one day I decided to try liquid foundation. It works wonders, especially if you get the full coverage foundation. Getting full coverage foundation really evens out the face and it gives a flawless overall look, and unlike powder foundation it does not dry your face. I highly suggest you try it out.

Blush: After you have evened out your face throw on a little bit of blush on your cheeks for an extra glow.

Eyebrows: Okay, the eyebrows are the frame of the face, so you always want them to be clean and outlined. Fine a brow pencil or even use an eyeshadow pallet to highlight the brows.

Key Feature: Okay, there are two features you can work with, and that is your mouth or your lips. So, here is what you can do:

Lips: If your key feature are the lips, I recommend you outline your lips and use a lipstick of a similar shade to finish of the look. You may also want to mix and match colours in order to create the perfect shade. At the end throw some mascara on your lashes and you are good to go.

The eyes: If you have flirty eyes, make them pop! Since it's everyday make up, use neutral shades that will define your eye shape and colour. Also, make sure to use a mascara that will expand your lashes! To finish of the look add a soft shade or lipstick.

Okay ladies, that is all I have for today. I hope you all get some rest and have fun during the weekend.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prepping Hands and Feet for Polish and Making It Last

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The thing about nail polish, not gel nor pink and white nor glue on nails but real nail polish, is that application of simple nail polish tends to not last. How frustrating right? Especially when you pay the salon to put it on. After three days, it starts to chip and then there goes $15 down the drain. 

My advice? If you are not paying for gel or artificial nails, why not do it at home? You can create as good a manicure and/or pedicure at home without paying the big bucks. As for the gel or artificial nails? If you have the budget to invest in good tools and polish, go for it, but paying for the service may actually save you time and money.

Let's take a look at some tips and tricks to prepping your hands and feet to make them beautiful, soft and flawless and the necessary products to help maintain and prolong your nail polish.

Prepping Your Nails
I always like to see how professionals provide their service. Hairstylists, makeup gurus and nail experts all have it down pat! Why not learn why you’re paying for the service? 

Whenever I go to get my nails done, and believe me it isn’t very often, I’m in dire need. I have a tendency to get caught up in the daily grind and not take care of my hands and feet as well as I should. So when I do go, I pay for the deluxe package where they apply a sea salt scrub, massage lotion, apply paraffin wax, another layer of lotion, hot stone massage, another layer of lotion and then finally the manicure or pedicure. 

While this may sound tedious, all these steps aren’t necessary. Let’s check it out:

Apply a sea salt scrub and gently exfoliate the skin. I went to our local Ulta and purchased the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Tropical Mango. It smells absolutely delicious. I tried to eat it... just kidding!!!Exfoliate just your feet or your whole body, making sure to pay extra attention to the rougher skin areas such as heels, knees and elbows! Make sure to rinse well.

Apply a body butter. To compliment the sugar body scrub, I paired it with the Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Tropical Mango also. Massage it in, give yourself a little pampering. If you are able to convince them, have your significant other give you a little assistance! Make sure to really massage it in and again, paying extra attention to the more calloused areas.

Apply a cuticle oil or push back the cuticle and snip it away. Be careful not to cut too deep and cause bleeding.

Apply alcohol to a cotton bud and lightly wipe your nails to remove any existing oils that will decrease the polish from sticking onto your nails.

Apply a base coat. Please invest well in the base and top coats. You get what you pay for!

Apply the nail polish, starting with a straight line down the middle of the nail and then on each side. Repeat twice. Remove any stray polish lines with an Q tip dipped in acetone.

Apply a top coat.

Provide ample time to dry.

Spritz on nail drying aerosol to help seal it in.

And viola, you should have a pretty good looking set of feet and hands. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Three Ways of a Ponytail

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Ponytails. Aren't they great? Putting your hair up into this hair style is quick, easy and effortless. As a bonus, the look is flawless and perfect for formal events, casual events and even when you are lounging around in your sweatpants. Now, some people assume that ponytails are a boring look that is far from fashionable, but you couldn't be any more wrong. Ponytails have a way to look stunning. Here are three places on your head to place your ponytail that will give you a different chic look each time.

This is one of the newest trends for hair ponytails. You gather your hair at the crown of your head which is at the top of the back. This is an athletic look when quickly done, but it can also be sporty-chic by wrapping a section of your hair around the hair tie to hide the elastic. This is a haute look that even celebrities rock on the red carpet. It can be casual or couture.

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The trick of having a ponytail look good that is tied right at the back of your head (The center of the back) is to get a poof at the crown of your head first. People often use "Bump Its" to give this look, or you can tease this part of your head to get some volume at the crown. If you tie the elastic tight enough, and pull it tighter at both sides, the hair will naturally pump up at the crown which is the healthiest way to achieve this look. Essentially, the ponytail should line up with your ears. Again, it can give off two looks; a casual appearance or a business one.

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There are many options for ponytails that are tied at the nape of your neck as well. This is right at the bottom of your neck, and you can have your ponytail pointing down or out, which gives two totally different appearances. The way the ponytail lays will also determine the look of your hair from the front so pay attention to this to ensure that you find a style that looks good from all angles. In order to get a ponytail to stick out when tied at the nape of your neck, you want to take two pieces from the top and pull them up and outwards which will tighten the elastic and shape your ponytail.

Something to always remember is that colorful hair ties are so yesterday! Unless you're attending a kindergarten class, there is no need for you to be tying your hair up with neon yellows, blues and greens. Stick with black bands and always find ones that are made fully of material. Metal pieces on your hair band will damage your hair significantly more.

As a bonus tip, teasing can go a long way when styling your ponytail. The way you pull your hair back can also change the look! That's for next week though. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Secrets to Maintaining Long Lasting Hair Color and Health

The new year could possibly mean a new you! In addition to being more active, taking up a hobby you've always aspired to do, visiting places you've dreamed of seeing, you may find yourself contemplating a new look: color and cut anyone? 

That new 'do though can be quite costly. 
  • Haircut: $35
  • Highlights: $60+
  • Permanent hair color: $50+
  • Toner: $15+
We are looking at no less than $160! The best way to extend your investment? Invest in the right products and hair regiment to help keep your hair color lasting longer and maintain a healthier 'do. 

Use color friendly shampoos: Invest in a shampoo that is sulfate and sodium chloride free and is manufactured with color protecting ingredients. These color protecting ingredients will help nourish your hair and protect it from dulling. Also, finding a shampoo that has UV filters will help protect your hair against the dulling rays from the sun. Note: Ingredients lists can be tricky. Avoid shampoos with the following ingredients: sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), sodium laureate sulphate (SLES), ammonia laureate sulphate or ammonia sulphate (ALS), TEA lauryeth sulfate (TEA), and sodium myreth sulphate (SMS). 

Use a deep conditioner more often: Who doesn't want super soft hair? Incorporate a deep conditioner once or twice a week after shampooing, leaving it in for 15-20 minutes. 

Wait at least 24 hours after color treatment before washing: Give the chemicals time to absorb into your hair. 

Wash your hair less frequently: Wash your hair every two or three days (three if you can get away from it). Your hair doesn't need to be cleaned every day. Washing every day not only dulls hair color but also strips your hair of essential and healthy oils. 

Rinse with cool or warm water: Hot water opens your hair's cuticles, causing the tint molecules to escape. Who said we would never use science in our daily lives?

Avoid too much heating products: Using too much heat, frequently, fades the delicate hair coloring. If you do need to use heating products, make sure you use heat protectants and reduce the heat of the hair dryer, straightener, or hair curler. If possible, try to towel and air dry your hair or use steam heating products such as hot curlers or heated, rolling brushes.

Go for retouches and colors with unwashed hair: Avoid washing your hair for 48 hours prior to hair color application. The dye will adhere better to unwashed hair due to the natural oils present. 

Remember to protect your tresses! This will help save some money and extend the life of your hair color.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Hair Serum

Hair serum is a fabulous thing when used correctly. Unfortunately, many people don't use it correctly and as a result, don't use it as the appearance they were hoping for wasn't achieved. Hair serum is a product that coats the surface of your hair while penetrating the cuticles. It takes care of frizz in your hair and holds the style that you created for that day. However, not using hair serum properly can lead to greasy, weighed down strands. Here are some Do's and Don'ts of hair serum use!

Putting serum on your roots will immediately give your hair a greasy appearance. Instead, focus on spreading the serum at the mid of your hair and down to the roots. If you have some frizz at the top, use the small amount of product that is still left on your fingers after you have already done the rest of your hair and lightly shape and line the top.

Big mistake - And one of the most common. Do not be generous with your hair serum use. Greasy. Greasy. Greasy. Instead, spritz a glob into the palm of your hand and massage it between both of your hands. Then, lightly brisk your fingers through your hair and allow the serum to be placed on your strands this way, as opposed to slopping it on. This is the only way to get the appropriate look.

Phyto is an excellent higher end brand, and Revlon is a great drugstore brand for serums. You always need to place importance on the ingredients that are listed in each product that you use to ensure that you are doing more benefits than harm. The cheaper the brand, the cheaper the quality - Usually. The only way to be sure of this is to read that ingredient list! Natural oils are always a good option!

Most hair serums are meant to be applied to wet hair. This doesn't mean that your hair should be dripping with water. This will only make the serum drip off as well. Instead, when your hair is towel dried or damp, apply the hair serum properly which was mentioned previously. There are some hair serums that are meant specifically for post-styling which means that it would be applied on dry hair. Always read the directions for each product that you are using as they can be different per brand.

After all, hair serum is used to boost your locks and enhance the style. When your hair is lacking some shine or structure, don't be shy and pick up that serum bottle. It is there to be used, and there is no reason why your hair should be dull and dry with so many affordable and incredible products available to you.

As long as you are using hair serum properly, you will become addicted to the magnificent things that it will do for your hair. These do's and don'ts should help!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Wavy Hair


Hey ladies, how are all the New Year resolutions coming along? Good I hope. For today's blog I would like to discuss wavy messy hair. For those of you who have wavy hair you know exactly what I'm talking about. If one is not careful the hair can look frizzy and unappealing. So, here are some tips and tricks you can follow.

In the Shower: Alright, it is only natural for the hair to get tangled every now and then, especially when it is up in a bun. However, one of the best things you could do is to untangle your hair while you are taking a shower. With that being said, you should gently comb it while conditioning, and then rinse it out, that way when it dries, it will be knot free.

Anti frizz/ Macadamia Oil: Okay, when you wash your hair, it can sometimes get frizzy due to weather conditions or simply because your hair decided not to cooperate that day, it is for these reasons that I highly suggest you invest in some anti frizz products. Macadamia oil also works great in keeping the hair tamed, soft, and shiny. I personally use the Macadamia oil, it works great on my hair.

At Night: Okay, I specially recommend doing this if you are not planning on washing your hair next morning. Braid your hair before going to bed, that way in the morning you won't need to worry about trying to style it. In fact by doing this you are actually embracing your wavy hair and you're making it look better by defining your natural waves. Trust me, in the morning it will be a piece of cake to get ready.

Okay ladies, those are the tips and tricks I have for wavy hair. I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your New Year, and may your weekend be wonderful, until next time.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Workout Plans To Fulfill 2014's Fitness Resolution

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014.
Of course, with the beginning of the new year, people are making their list of new year's resolutions. One of the most made resolutions is a variation of one of these: 
  • to get back into shape, 
  • hit the gym more often, 
  • be healthier. 
Sometimes though, it is hard to make that fitness resolution happen if you don't have a battle plan. Let's take a look at some of the fitness crazes, their benefits, and the specific muscle groups they target.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
What it is: High-intensity interval training is described as a workout that alternates between intensive bursts of activity with fixed periods of less than intense activity or rest. This is perfect for those on the go or that have a busy schedule. You are able to get in a good work out during the lunch hour. Can you dedicate 15 minutes to HIIT? Interval training is known to achieve more progress in 15 minutes, 3 times a week than someone running on the treadmill for an hour. 
  • HIIT burns more fat due to the intense bursts of activity. 
  • The intense exertion on your body causes the body's repair cycle to go into hyperdrive. 
  • Allows you to work your heart muscle. Healthier heart = happier life.
  • Lose weight not muscle. Because you are weight training, you are losing fat while increasing muscle mass.
Muscle Groups: This depends on the workout that you select. Ultimately, HIIT can target every muscle in your body. Just find a sequence of workouts that you can perform in a high intense sequence.

Barre Ballet
What it is: This is a ballet inspired workout that helps you to develop lean muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and increase your range of motion. This integrates dance condition with isometric exercises and toning. Looking for that ballet butt and legs? This is the perfect workout for you.
  • High calorie burn rate
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Helps burn fat and sculpt the body
  • Improves one's mental focus
Muscle Groups: Barre ballet engages a wide range of muscle groups throughout the body however the most engaged muscle groups are in your legs and butt. Your core and back help to stabilize you during periods of course! So don't shy away! Take a few classes and you'll leave the way your body will tone and shape up.

Of course, there are your Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing classes you can take. All of these will work towards a healthier and happier you. But it never hurts to challenge your body and try something new. If you don't like it, it's one hour that you spent towards improving yourself, and that my friend is never a waste of time. 

I hope 2014 sees a newer and healthier you!