Saturday, July 21, 2012

Three Steps to a Trendy Hairstyle

There is one thing trending worldwide when it comes to hair, and fortunately, it's a hairstyle that can be completed perfectly by anyone and everyone! Well,  as long as they have a sock. Yes, you guessed it! This summer season is all about rocking the sock bun and it's so easy to do! You look like a million bucks when in reality, it took you only 5 minutes to throw your hair up into this beautiful little updo.

Now of course, in order to get this hairstyle done properly, you need the steps right? Well, of course you do and don't worry ladies! This tutorial isn't extensive, using words and techniques that no one understands unless they went to professional hair styling school! It can be done, like I said, by anyone and everyone, as long as you have a sock! So go rummage through your sock drawer, or purchase a new one and get ready for this quick and extremely easy yet classic and chic sock bun tutorial!
Photo Credit: Chantilliscious

Step One: Get that dandy sock of yours, and a good pair of scissors. I say "good pair" because those old rusty things might not be able to cut through fabric, but if that's all you have, give it a shot! Try to find the thickest sock to use, and that you don't mind cutting up for this tutorial. Snip off the top, where your toes would be and roll the sock kind of into a circle, or a donut, rather. You want to be able to see through it. Think a short, short tunnel!

Step Two: Get those tangles out of your hair, and pull your hair back into a ponytail. This look is often done with a sleek pony tail, so be sure to use a brush to pull all your strands back. Secure your pony tail with an elastic. This is where your bun will be, so be sure to try different places that work for you. The most popular place is at the crown of your hair so you get a fabulously sock bun, high on your head.

Step Three: Take your sock that no longer has toes on it, and place your pony tail through it, like a string through a bead.  Starting at the end of your strands (pony tail) start rolling your hair over the sock, in all directions, being sure that the sock can no longer be seen. Continue to roll the sock down as you tuck your hair underneath it! Roll, Roll, Roll until your hair is all inside the bun, and as mentioned, completely covering the sock! Pin where you need and hairspray!

VOILA! That's is! Three simple steps and you have a sock bun! Who knew such a chic, trendy hairstyle was so easy, right? If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try adding braids into your bun for a little extra spunk! It can be a little more difficult than the classic sock bun, and well... if all else fails, leave the braids out and you'll still be looking absolutely fabulous! Happy Sock Buns to you!


  1. Awesome look! Does Flat Iron Experts have some sort of blogger program?

  2. Yes, this is our blogger program that you're currently viewing. :)