Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Natural Remedies to Lighten Your Hair

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With the economy still being somewhat on the downside, weekly, or even monthly salon visits may not fit your budget. Even if they do fit your budgets, salons can definitely be extremely expensive and damaging to your bank account. So why not skip out on your regular hair routine and try something new? You can most certainly achieve the same effects by doing do-it-yourself hair lighting remedies at home! Here are the top two methods to lighten your luscious locks, right in the comfort of your own home! Hey! It saves you money, and time... and you still get the look you're craving to achieve. Does it get any better than that?

The first method is definitely the most common and has been known for years to come, and there's no better time than to try it right now. Summer is here, the sun is shining and that means that the UV rays are pumping and you should get out there and enlighten yourself with the hair lighting treatment that uses an item that you probably already have in your kitchen! The Lemon Juice method goes back for years and why is it still around today? Well, because it works, of course! You can use this method to lighten all of your locks by socking root to ends in lemon juice, or you can spirtz for a "not so dramatic" change, or soak certain pieces of your locks to get highlights. It's natural and will also appear that way! Who doesn't want a natural looking natural remedy, right? Although, be sure to avoid those store bought products that claim to "naturally lighten your hair" with the sun because they're more times than not, packed with all sorts of chemical, including bleach and well, that doesn't make it very natural, or naturally looking, does it? This works for all hair types and colours so indulge, ladies and gentlemen! You'll love the results and the money you saved by skipping out on the salon for the week.

Now, the second method works best on lighter hair tones, such as blonde or lighter brown, but even if you have darker strands, you can most certainly try this home made remedy to see if it works for you. Chamomile tea brings lighter shades to your hair, and like the previous method, you can soak, spirtz or highlight your hair with this method to achieve different looks. Be sure to brew a very strong cup of chamomile tea and let it cool before dipping your luscious locks in! Once cooled, spirtz on your hair, put on your favourite bikini and get suntanning... and well, hair lighting as well.

Salons can be expensive and who doesn't enjoy a little sun bathing from time to time? Combine the both and bronze your skin as your lighten your hair with these two homemade remedies! They are natural, affordable and can be done within minutes! You can even spirtz your hair with these two things and head out for the day!

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