Thursday, July 26, 2012

Put Your Best Feature Forward

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Take a look in the mirror. Stand completely naked if you feel a bit courageous-of course with the windows drawn and your bedroom door closed to block those unwelcomed peepers! Now really look at yourself. For most of us, it is fairly easy to focus on the parts of us that we do not like. Go ahead, look at those parts. Recognize what it is about it that you do not like. Let’s call these parts our “hidden potential” and set these notes aside for a later article for loving your not so ideal parts. Now look at yourself again. Find your best feature: that one aspect of your body that you absolutely love.

Can’t find one? Don’t be defeated. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Empty your mind for a second and just breath.

Now, I want you to think about everything about yourself that is great. Not just the physical but also the characters, emotions, actions that make you the amazing person that you are. As you open your eyes, do not lose sight of that amazing person that is you. Now really look at yourself. Do you see the compassion that exudes through your eyes? Or do you see the smirk on your lips or crinkle in your eyes that hint at a sense of humor or the ability to enjoy the small things in life? Or maybe you recognize the way your hair falls just right or your cheekbones that give your face just that bit of oomph? Maybe its your cute petite height or long, endless legs? Now let’s find a way to enhance that feature!

Say you love those beautiful eyes of yours. Once in awhile lets put the focus on those! If you want to play them up with eye shadow, here are the colors that are best to play them up with:

  • Blue Eyes: Try earth tones of soft browns, taupe or grays. To be playful try some rose colors eye shadows 
  • Green/Hazel Eyes: Try purple shades, or warm colors with hints of gold, mocha, and lavender.
  • Brown Eyes: The universal eye color for all eye shadow colors. Play around with different hues but don’t forget to blend blend blend!
  • Grey Eyes: Look at the flecks and hues within your eye. If you have blue flecks or hues cater towards the earth tones. For Green/Hazel and Brown fleck hues, cater towards those shades that draw these eye colors out.
Don’t feel like eye shadow? Make your eyes bold with a cat eye and mascara! Don’t forget to curl those lashes all the way at the base of the lash line. Oh and of course do not forget to frame those eyes by shaping and lightly filling those eyebrows. Want some more ideas on different eye enhancing ideas? Youtube “makeup tutorial” and live in eye shadow paradise.

How about those lips? I am a lover of nude colors but be bolder than me! To draw attention to those luscious lips, take out that red, pink, orange that is complementary for your skin color and wear it loud and proud. Make sure to pair it with your outfit for the day and make sure it’s not on those pearly whites. NOTE: Ladies, please do not pair bold eyes with bold lips.

Whatever it may be that you want to enhance, shoot for the moon and land on Jupiter! Be your very best friend and love your body and yourself for everything that you are.

Have questions on how to draw attention to your most loved part? Send us a note! I would love to write more on how to enhance more parts but I am out of space! Let me know how I can help you love the body that you are in.


  1. Good Luck with the Blog Hops this weekend. I got the giveaway up and running and I wish you a great weekend. Thanks so much for all you do! I checked to make sure I was following you here on GFC and I am so that makes me very happy to know that I was ahead of the game on something!

    Talk to ya sometime next week!


  2. Have a terrific weekend, Mary! Thanks for everything you've done for us. We cannot thank you enough :)

    Be sure to keep in touch!