Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Ways to Get His Attention

Relationships can be tricky.  The truth is most relationships, at some time or another, will need a boost. Whether the relationship is plagued by arguing, entering a period of boredom, or in need a spark to re-ignite the flames, this problem is all too common among couples.  Realize that you are not alone. Countless women find themselves in search of ways to get his attention and rekindle the love that once was.  Allow the 5 tips below to help get his attention and focus back on the relationship.
·         Show interest.  If you want your relationship to be strong, you must show interest in his life.  Get his attention by becoming involved in his day to day activities. He may be surprised that you are willing to go on a fishing trip or play a game of golf. Get tickets to see his favorite sports team in action and become their biggest fan! Sitting down at the end of the day and inquiring about how his day went will without a doubt get his attention.  Show interest in his day to day life and enjoy it!
·         Plan a getaway.  Ask him to make room in his schedule for a getaway.  Even allow him to pick the place! While on the trip, use the time to reconnect and talk about problems that have caused the relationship to take a turn.  Give him your undivided attention if only for a few days.  Do this often so that you don’t lose track of nurturing your relationship.
·         Do something spontaneous together! If the relationship feels old and boring, re-ignite the flames by doing something out of the ordinary.  Go out for a night of dancing at the local club, throw a party, or take a midnight drive to his favorite restaurant.  Rekindle those old feelings by finding ways to beat the monotony.
·         Buy new underwearMen are visual people.  Things that they see can often spark their interest.  If you haven’t made a run to the lingerie store in a while, try to get his attention this way. He is sure to notice a sexy, new nightgown or panties that he has never seen before.  This is a great way to catch his attention!
·         Care about your appearance.  Once you become comfortable in a relationship, it can be easy to let your appearance slack.  If times are tough in the relationship and you are trying to rekindle old flames, consider making your appearance a priority in an effort to get his attention.  Getting a new haircut, purchasing a few new outfits, and wearing make-up are just a few ways that you can help get his attention!
  Relationships are a bit like roller coaster. There are times when they may seem like they are on a downhill spiral and are in need of help.  During those time times, do what you can to get his attention.  Find ways to focus on each other and you are sure to overcome any battle that may be headed your way.

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