Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Help Prevent Split ends

It's the time of year, SUMMER! With the weather so nice and hot who doesn't want to jump in a swimming pool? I know I do. However chlorine is very damaging to the hair; it can cause split ends and dryness. Something we all hate, I mean, who wants to have dry-split end hair right? Here are a few simple tips that help keep the hair smooth and healthy looking- without having to avoid the pool or wear one of those funny looking swim caps, that totally ruin your swimming outfit.

1) Keratin: Buy shampoos with keratin infusion or simply take small doses of the keratin vitamin. These vitamins are not just great for the hair but for nails too!

2) Hair cream: After washing your hair it's great to put a dab of hair cream on the ends of your hair and then blow drying it and combing it. You will definitely feel the difference.

3) Conditioner: Just as hair cream works wonders, so does Conditioner, in fact they are very similar. This is something that you can chose to do twice a month or once month, depending on your hair type and preference. After rinsing your hair with Shampoo add the conditioner to your hair but do not rinse it out. Next put a clear plastic bag and blow dry it for about ten minutes. Finally, get back in the shower and rinse it out. For best result blow dry your hair and comb it.

4) Sun protector: Yes, vitamin E is good for the hair, but realistically speaking it's only healthy to soak in for 10 minutes a day, UV rays are very damaging, therefore it is good to buy sunscreen for the hair.

These methods are all very simple to follow, require little time, and products can be found anywhere; best of all they are very economic. 

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