Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say Yes To The Dress - Part 1

Okay ladies, today we are going to talk about the different options you have available to you when it comes to wedding dresses. The wedding dress is the center piece to your whole wedding day. This is the fun part, the shopping, the trying on, the oohs and ahhs. Oh how fun! My wedding dress try-on date is February 9th! How exciting!!! I shall keep you updated.

There are four main places that you can obtain your dream wedding dress: Designer stores, boutiques, bridal outlets, or rentals.

Designer Stores: These are the stores that actually cater toward a specific brand. It would be like walking into a Vera Wang store or shopping directly on the designer's website. If you already adore a label, this would be the easiest and best way to obtain the latest and greatest by that designer. The only problem here is you are definitely paying the big bucks for this dress. However, how could you say no when it looks and feels oh so right?

Boutiques: Boutiques house several label and non label brands. These can be less expensive than designer stores however are more expensive than bridal outlets. This is due to the fact that they can not warehouse a large amount of inventory. Boutiques however do provide a large array of beautiful dresses by several different brands.

Bridal Outlets: Bridal outlets are the second cheapest way to get a wedding dress. This is primarily due to the ability to warehouse large amounts of inventory. Bridal outlets, like David's Bridal, carry house designs and brand names! They provide a wide array of designs and labels and can cater to those who are on a budget to those who want to splurge.

Rentals or Previously Used: Now this may be an option you never thought of but if you are definitely looking to save, why not rent a wedding dress? These wedding dresses range from mildly used to new in the bag! Or you can even purchase a previously used dress. This is definitely a pocket friendly version. The only problem is that unless the owner lives near you, you will not be able to try the dress on and risk purchasing/renting a dress that you do not like. So before you purchase, see if the owner has a good return policy.

I hope this section helped! Check out all these options so you know what is best for you. Have your budget in mind but don't cross off a potential location just because it may be too expensive. Check it out. Look around. Just because you walk in doesn't mean you have to buy it (unless of course you fall in love right there ;p). Having your options open is very important!

Look forward to Part 2 of Say Yes To The Dress :) 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Making Room for your Clothes and Shoes


      Hi ladies, by reading the tittle of this blog some of you may be thinking “I need tips on how to fit everything in my closet!" Do not panic I have a few things up my sleeve on how make room for your clothes and shoes (finding room, doesn’t necessarily have to be in your closet).  Let me first start of by saying that if you have a walk in closet, girl you're very lucky, you have so much room to store things! Because who are we kidding? We women have so many things hanging/sitting in our closet that we forgot we have because one, we don't wear them too often; two, they don't fit us; and three because we simply get bored of them. Despite these three things we women barely ever like to clean out our closets (let's try to change that every now and then). Alright back to topic, here are the things you need to do to create more room.
Clean out your closet: Okay, we talked about this a bit already, but ladies if your clothes don’t fit you anymore give them away. Don't let something you don't wear take up space in your closet. Give them to charity (if they are in good condition) or to someone who you know will fit them.
Buy Boxes for Storage: Ladies, you can fit a box or two under your bed? And no I'm not talking about the typical cardboard boxes; I'm talking about special boxes that are meant to have things stored in them. I personally have two big plastic boxes under my bed, one has shoes, and the other one is filled with some of my summer clothing. You too can do this; you can arrange your clothing by the season. If it's summer you can store away some of your winter sweaters and jackets in the box(es) and bring out the shorts, skirts, dresses ect.
Shoe/ Clothes Drawers: Another thing I have used in the past is cloth drawers. These drawers take very little room in your closet and create more room for more clothes. All you need to do is hang it on the bar of your closet; they come with Velcro so they are super easy to hang. This is exactly the same case when it comes to the shoe drawers.

      Very well ladies, those are my few tips on how to make room for all your clothing and shoes. I honestly love shoes so keeping those boxes under my bed really does help. And the best part of these methods is that they all keep your clothes and shoes nice and organized.