Friday, July 27, 2012

Trendy Nails

Nails are always fun to do; you can play around with them and change them often. Now days there are many nail products sold at stores that will still give you that nail salon look, for a much more affordable price. During the summer open toe shoes are worn much more often than any other season, that’s why it’s important to keep the toes in check. Hands however are always visible in any time of the year; therefore they should always look decent. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to get salon looking nails.


1)      Cut your nails and use a nail filer to help even them out.
2)      Make sure to always push your cuticles back; it gives your nails a cleaner look.
3)      Once you have done this select your base coat and apply.
4)      After all the steps above are completed you can chose to draw designs or apply nail stickers bought from the store (This is completely optional and depends on your preference). If you decide to apply the stickers, I suggest adding a tiny bit of nail glue so they don’t fall off (don’t put the glue on your nail but on the sticker!). Also if you want a more delicate look only make designs on one or two nails of each hand.
5)       After you have finished your nail art apply the top coat and wait for them to dry.


When doing your toes nails you also want to make sure that your feet look appealing as feet do tend to cause an effect on people!
If you can’t treat yourself to a pedicure, give yourself one! Your feet are the ones that get you places and once in a while it is good to give them maintenance.

1)      Place your feet in warm water and let them soften for a while.
2)      Scrub your feet, you can buy a special soap like formula or use regular soap to do this.
3)      Massage your feet in a circular motion and make sure to get the heels (often times the heels are the most damaged)
4)      Have fun with your toe nails by painting and adding designs ( follow the same steps as the ones listed above for your hands)
5)      Once your nails are all dried up, add some foot cream to your heels. Adding foot cream on daily basis it will prevent dryness and cracking. something your feet will definitely appreciate!

Finally, go out and show of your freshly done nails and put on some nice and comfortable open toe shoes ;)

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