Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Get Shiny, Healthy Hair

Most men would agree that the most beautiful part of a woman is her hair.  For this reason, many women set out on a daily basis to obtain shiny, healthy hair.  However, sometimes getting that beautiful shine is more difficult than it seems.  While some people are born with it, others have to pay out of pocket for that ever popular shiny look.  Listed below are just a few tips on how you can get shiny, healthy hair.  Will you take advantage of these tips? 

·         Eat a healthy diet.  As with most things, r diet can play an important role in obtaining the healthy, shiny hair that you want.  A few foods that can give your hair a boost include salmon, dark leafy green, beans, nuts, and eggs.  Foods that have natural oils can give your hair that natural shine.  Avoid processed foods that have little to no nutritional value and work only to dull your hair. 

·         Avoid using too many hair products.  Overusing hair products is likely the number one reason why many women struggle to obtain shiny hair.  Hair spray and gel are two examples of products that can promote build up on your hair and quickly take the shine away. Hair color is also a culprit for reducing shine and decreasing the overall health of your hair.  It’s okay to use products! Avoid over using them!

·         The flatiron is your friend.  Straitening your hair with a flat iron not only gives you that sleek, straight look you are going for, it is notorious in providing extravagant shine.  The key to getting shine is using a heat resistant spray that will protect your hair while straightening.  Flat ironing your hair is an inexpensive way to get the look of celebrities.

·         Don’t wash your hair every day.  Contrary to what you may think, washing your hair every day is NOT a good thing.  Why? Washing on a daily basis removes the natural oil from your hair and causes it to become dull and lifeless.  Wash your hair at least every other day to help keep your natural shine.  If you can stand 3 days, go for it! 

·         Take your vitamins.  If you struggle with dull, lifeless hair, vitamins can help.  Vitamin E, beta carotene, fish oil, and biotin are examples of vitamins that can help boost the shine of your hair.  There are supplements designed specifically improve the overall appearance of your hair. Not only will you notice an increase in shine, you will also notice that your hair is stronger. 

·         Protect your hair from the elements.  Weather and exposure to sun can also affect your hair’s shine.  During prolonged periods in the sun, cover your hair with a hat to help protect it.
Shiny, healthy hair isn’t just for the celebrities.  From taking vitamins to protecting your hair from the elements, there are many ways that you can use lifestyle changes to help get the shiny hair that you have always wanted.     

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