Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty Trends Around the World: Korea Beauty Secrets

Welcome back to week three of global beauty trends. I am an absolute fan of Korean skin care and beauty. On top of the very cute cosmetic and makeup packaging, the Korean beauty industry promotes glowing, natural, and beautiful skin. Let’s take a peek into their beauty must-haves:

Snail Slime Mania

Many of Korea’s skin care serums are formulated with snail slime. Don’t stop reading! Why would they apply something so initially off-putting? Did you know that the antibacterial properties of snail slime can alleviate the problems that breakouts and blemishes cause? Many Korean brides actually apply serums enriched with snail slime prior to their wedding day with the hopes of brighter skin.

Vitamin Enriched Sheet Masks

Koreans begin their skin care regiment at a young age that includes a 17-poit routine. One of their beauty staples includes a cotton cloth masks enriched with vitamins and concentrated collagen. Want a little DIY? An egg white and honey mask is perfect if you’re looking for a combination of whitening and brightening.

Oriental Medicine Cosmetics

Used primarily for those who are preventing wrinkles and pigmentations, oriental medicine cosmetics promote the use of natural medicine to moisturize and whitening and assist with anti-wrinkling. A Therapy Tonic by Damoae is known to help with hair loss and promote hair growth, thickness, and prevent dry scalp. Another popular oriental medicine cosmetic includes ORC-5 Whitening Cream by Maume. This is known to whiten and moisturize your skin with natural ingredients including Angelica gigas root, lyceum Chinese, and Panax ginseng. These, along with other natural ingredients, work to help calm, strengthen, and whiten skin. 

Cleansing Oils

While many people would be averse to using oils on their face, a part of the Korean skin care staple are cleansing oils. Cleansing oils are great for removing makeup and provide a great “pre-cleanse” prior to the actual foaming cleanser to remove impurities within the skin.

I am very interested in adopting a Korean skin care regime but am a bit hesitant to include all 17 steps. Have you tried a Korean skin care regimen before? Tell us about it.

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