Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ways to Change Your Hair Without Grabbing The Scissors

Sometimes you just need a change, but even more often, you don't want to commit to an entirely new hairstyle. After all, that doesn't come easy and taking the scissors to your long locks can take a lot of courage - and a lot of courage that you have yet to brew up. The problem is, you're still craving a different look. You want something to change. Something to rejuvenate your look. Something - anything - but nothing that involves scissors.  Consider this your 101 on changing your look without having to commit to it. 

Photo Credit: The Luxe Maven

Faux It
Whether it's a faux hawk or a faux bob, fake it til' you make it, girl. You don't have to buzz the sides of your hair to rock an edgy mohawk or cut inches upon inches off of your ends either. The way you tie and pin your hair can create the illusion of you having a completely different hair style. For example: tightly tie back the sides of your hair and pin underneath the hair at the back. Tease the top of your head back to the crown. You now have a faux hawk. You can also tie your hair back into an extremely loose bun that is hidden to recreate the idea of a bob.  Being 'fake' isn't always a bad thing.

Clip In Bangs
You've heard of clipping in hair extensions to enjoy additional length and volume, which is a way you can change your look, but if you are looking for something a bit more dramatic, opt for some clip in bangs instead. You have to make sure that you learn the appropriate way to put them into your hair to ensure that the blend is absolutely flawless. However, with so many different styles of bangs trending right now, you can instantly change your look drastically within seconds. You just have to do it right! Do not overlook the details of this change, as one slipped hair can throw your entire appearance off.

Change the Wand
Sometimes the easiest change you can give yourself is to simply change your regular routine. If you are using to taking the straightening iron to your hair to get a sleek, straight look - switch it up for a curling wand and give yourself some incredible waves. You can also change the size of your curling wand to change up your standard look, and you also have the option of pinning your hair up or letting it fall down. As a rule of thumb, think about what you usually do on a daily basis with your hair, and do the opposite.

Remember, ladies - hair clips, teasing and ties can go a long way. You also don't want to underestimate the power of having a cupboard full of high quality products that actually perform! 

So, change it up, girl! Just don't chop until you are committed. 

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