Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beauty Trends Around The World: Brazilian Beauty Secrets

Welcome back to week two of global beauty trends! Beauty is defined in such different ways depending on where you are. That is why I love to see the ever-changing beauty definitions and trends within each country.

Today's focus: Brazilian Beauty - Brazil

There are four things that come to mind when I think of Brazil: famous football (soccer) players, bright hued and fun carnivals, beautiful scenery, and most of all, beautiful women. Our beauty trip today takes a peek into Brazilian beauty trends.

Velaterapia. What was that? Yeah I know! I have never about this word either but I’ve heard about the process. Brazilian women are born with very full and thick hair. To sport smooth and non-frizzy tresses, the Brazilian salon industry has perfected the art of straightening, aka keratin, treatments.

Velaterapia may be better known as hair burning and is done to help fight the damage caused by chemical treatments and styling. The hair is twisted into small sections. A flame is then lightly applied to the hair, causing the damaged tips to stick out. These tips are trimmed off and a deep conditioning treatment is applied all over.

Messy Manis. Don’t let the trend fool you, Brazilians know how to get their polish on without missing part of the nail and ensuring that it lasts far longer than our typical manicure!

The messy mani begins with a traditional soak. The process then continues with a thorough cuticle clean up and maintenance. Polish is then slathered onto your nail and the skin around it and then cleaned up with cotton soaked with nail polish remover.  This non-traditional mani results in long lasting and perfectly painted nails!

Insta-sculpting and toning massage. In addition to their workout regimen to maintain a nice and tight body, Brazilians also include a Brazilian sculpting massage.

What it does: This sculpting and toning massage is suppose to reduce the circumference of your limbs, make your hips and waists more define, and help burn localized fat. Now don’t get this mixed up with your typical rest and relax massage. Your muscles and body are working throughout this whole sculpting massage!

Brazilian women have got it down pat. Talk about a perfect combination of sun kissed skin, innate sensuality, and much coveted confidence!

Try something new and definitely worth-while. Have a fun spa night with friends and get a little messy with the messy mani and marvel at the perfect painted nails for weeks. I would however leave the Velaterapia and Brazilian sculpting massage to the pros.

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