Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hairstyles That Your Future Man Wants You to Have

Have you ever stopped to see what your hair is telling men around you? You may think that this concept is actually absurd but it is true. Men see certain hairstyles and instantly associate it with an image that they have in their head. For example, you can only imagine what men think of when they see you in pig tails that have been tied to the sides of your head, right above your ears. Let's keep you away from the bimbo look, and see if your hair could be the culprit keeping you from your man crush. 

Photo Credit: The Luxe Maven

Bohemian Braids
You love the boho look that braids give you, and so do guys! This hairstyle shows that you're someone who likes to go out and have fun without getting too wild. You're easy going and will go with the flow, making the best out of every situation that is brought to you. 

Half-Up Hairstyle
If you're only tying half of your hair back, you're telling men that you're just kind of 'bleh' about putting in a full fledged effort. Unfortunately, they will associate your relaxed style with a lazy attitude that isn't fully invested. It may also give the appearance that you're trying to achieve a chic hair style but have no idea how to do it, and no one likes fake girls. 

Men Love The Loose Curls
It's an old-age fact that the ultimate sexy hairstyle is achieved by using large rollers - or 1 1/2" curling iron. Men love loose curls on a girl! It provides the appearance of a fun loving lady who is sexy and confident yet sweet. These hairstyles show off your neck but just a touch - making guys crave it all the more. 

Sweeping 'Em Away
Sideswept anything is super appealing and men are agreeing! It provides a glamorous appearance that is also casual. It's not too high maintenance but it isn't effortless either. Men can appreciate your beauty while also appreciating that you're not spending 5 hours in the bathroom getting ready. Sweep your bangs to the side, or your entire hairstyle. 

Plain Ponytail
Plain Jane is not a desirable girl. While men will appreciate simplicity within their girlfriend, you need to first become their girlfriend and unfortunately,  rocking a ponytail isn't going to get the attention to want.  It gives the message that you could care less about your appearance, and to be fair, you probably do throw your hair in a ponytail at times when you could actually care less about your appearance.

Sophisticated Structured 
You are looking way too uptight for a man to come spark up a conversation with you. Apparently structured hair styles are telling men that you just can't be bothered to talk to them. Maybe you're a little high maintenance, or a little stuck up? Those are the kind of signals they're receiving! 

So, for you ladies who are looking for love, these are the hairstyles to avoid and ones to rock every day!

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