Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beauty Trends Around the World: Take a Little Beauty Detour Into France

The cliché “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, while overused, is actually quite true. The definition of beauty changes as you travel to new geographical areas, even within your own country! For the next few blog posts, let’s take a look at some countries that know how to set the example for beauty and allure.

Today’s Focus: Parisian Beauty – France

French women perfectly embody casual chic and nonchalance. How do they perfect such a lovely look with minimal effort? A ma chérie that is where they fool you. Parisian beauty is a perfect balance of healthy eating, activity and preparation.

Continuous use of masks. So you try a mask maybe once a month or every other month, just to have a little you time while reading a good book or watching a movie. Well, the women of France take this to a whole other level – once or twice a week!!! And while some may dish on store or designer brand masks, most Parisian woman have their own family ingredients for homemade masks. Ranging from lavender, seaweed, eggs, and oil, everyone has their own tricks of the trade to get their beauty glow.

Secrets of seaweed. Don’t let the strong odor scare you off. Seaweed’s beneficial properties are off the chart! Seaweed for beauty purposes, also known as thalassotherapy, has been widely used since the 1800s. Parisian women, when possible, use seaweed baths, wraps, and massages. In addition to lowering stress, reducing muscle aches, and relieving skin conditions – psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc, seaweed baths, wraps, and massages are associated with body toning, slimming, and toxin release. Hit your nearest ocean and drag that big, slimy gunk of seaweed to your home!

Mesotherapy indulgence. Am I talking about Japanese tofu soup? Mesotherapy not miso soup J Mesotherapy is a type of facial injection but nothing like Botox. Mesotherapy is the injection of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin, also known as the mesoderm, to stimulate metabolism and production of collagen and elastin. Sounds more natural than Botox and much healthier!

Medical…Pedicure? The French women take their beauty to a whole other level with the medical pedicure, sans the polish. The medical pedicure is a government-licensed practice where a practitioner uses instruments to groom your feet and toes. The end result includes baby-soft feet and perfectly trimmed nails. While there is no polish, your feet are absolutely lovely. Talk about a pedicure!!! You won’t even need the polish after that.

The Parisian women seem to have it right. Looks like most of their beauty routine includes natural ways to enhance their natural beauty. Maybe I’ll integrate a few of these into my beauty routine. Anyone want to meet me at the beach?

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