Saturday, July 26, 2014

Showstopper Short Hair Style Hacks

You have life hacks, kitchen hacks, DIY hacks and craft hacks, but what about hair hacks that every lady will certainly appreciate. If you're new to the 'hacks' term, it is basically a trend that shows you how to do things a thousand times easier. Hacks are like a secret treasure chest to life that has only recently been discovered, and if you're like me and don't always want to invest a lifetime (entire morning) to do your hair, you are probably craving some hacks for your hairdo. This post is specifically for the ladies who rock the shorter styles; pixie cuts, bobs and everything in between but not past.  Enjoy, ladies! Let's bring it up a notch, shall we?

Curl It
Who ever said you can't curl short hair? You want to steer clear of super tight curls because you may look like you're rocking a grandma-inspired perm, but this doesn't mean that you have to completely write off the idea of some volume and curve. Play around with different sizes of rollers, and see if you can recreate a completely new look with the same hairdo!

Bang It Out
Changing your bangs can instantly give you an entirely new look. Brush your bangs forward and sweep them to the side, pin them to the side or to the back of your head, or make a bold statement with full bangs. Explore the wonders of what bangs can do for your look.

Braids, Braids, Braids
You may only be able to wrap the pieces around the other a couple of times, but that doesn't mean braids are totally out of the question for you. Even if you have 2 inches of hair, you can still gather enough hair to start building a braid. If you find that your braid is too frizzy, use some product first and then braid in a side bang. 

Wild Child Faux Hawks
Long haired girls pull of faux hawks all the time, simply by pulling the sides of their hair back and pumping up the volume down the center. You can do the exact same thing, sans all the trouble. Plus, your hair is going to hold much better than the long haired styles. 

Crown a Queen
You are one stylish royal, so you might as well twirl your hair into a crown Twist the sides of your hair to the back (kind of like one large cornrow). With a couple of bobby pins and hair spray, and you're rocking a chic, luxurious look. 

Whoever knew that you could totally change your short hairstyle simply by doing a little bit of twists, turns, clips, pins and hairspray. 

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