Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Hair Serum

Hair serum is a fabulous thing when used correctly. Unfortunately, many people don't use it correctly and as a result, don't use it as the appearance they were hoping for wasn't achieved. Hair serum is a product that coats the surface of your hair while penetrating the cuticles. It takes care of frizz in your hair and holds the style that you created for that day. However, not using hair serum properly can lead to greasy, weighed down strands. Here are some Do's and Don'ts of hair serum use!

Putting serum on your roots will immediately give your hair a greasy appearance. Instead, focus on spreading the serum at the mid of your hair and down to the roots. If you have some frizz at the top, use the small amount of product that is still left on your fingers after you have already done the rest of your hair and lightly shape and line the top.

Big mistake - And one of the most common. Do not be generous with your hair serum use. Greasy. Greasy. Greasy. Instead, spritz a glob into the palm of your hand and massage it between both of your hands. Then, lightly brisk your fingers through your hair and allow the serum to be placed on your strands this way, as opposed to slopping it on. This is the only way to get the appropriate look.

Phyto is an excellent higher end brand, and Revlon is a great drugstore brand for serums. You always need to place importance on the ingredients that are listed in each product that you use to ensure that you are doing more benefits than harm. The cheaper the brand, the cheaper the quality - Usually. The only way to be sure of this is to read that ingredient list! Natural oils are always a good option!

Most hair serums are meant to be applied to wet hair. This doesn't mean that your hair should be dripping with water. This will only make the serum drip off as well. Instead, when your hair is towel dried or damp, apply the hair serum properly which was mentioned previously. There are some hair serums that are meant specifically for post-styling which means that it would be applied on dry hair. Always read the directions for each product that you are using as they can be different per brand.

After all, hair serum is used to boost your locks and enhance the style. When your hair is lacking some shine or structure, don't be shy and pick up that serum bottle. It is there to be used, and there is no reason why your hair should be dull and dry with so many affordable and incredible products available to you.

As long as you are using hair serum properly, you will become addicted to the magnificent things that it will do for your hair. These do's and don'ts should help!

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