Saturday, January 11, 2014

Three Ways of a Ponytail

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Ponytails. Aren't they great? Putting your hair up into this hair style is quick, easy and effortless. As a bonus, the look is flawless and perfect for formal events, casual events and even when you are lounging around in your sweatpants. Now, some people assume that ponytails are a boring look that is far from fashionable, but you couldn't be any more wrong. Ponytails have a way to look stunning. Here are three places on your head to place your ponytail that will give you a different chic look each time.

This is one of the newest trends for hair ponytails. You gather your hair at the crown of your head which is at the top of the back. This is an athletic look when quickly done, but it can also be sporty-chic by wrapping a section of your hair around the hair tie to hide the elastic. This is a haute look that even celebrities rock on the red carpet. It can be casual or couture.

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The trick of having a ponytail look good that is tied right at the back of your head (The center of the back) is to get a poof at the crown of your head first. People often use "Bump Its" to give this look, or you can tease this part of your head to get some volume at the crown. If you tie the elastic tight enough, and pull it tighter at both sides, the hair will naturally pump up at the crown which is the healthiest way to achieve this look. Essentially, the ponytail should line up with your ears. Again, it can give off two looks; a casual appearance or a business one.

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There are many options for ponytails that are tied at the nape of your neck as well. This is right at the bottom of your neck, and you can have your ponytail pointing down or out, which gives two totally different appearances. The way the ponytail lays will also determine the look of your hair from the front so pay attention to this to ensure that you find a style that looks good from all angles. In order to get a ponytail to stick out when tied at the nape of your neck, you want to take two pieces from the top and pull them up and outwards which will tighten the elastic and shape your ponytail.

Something to always remember is that colorful hair ties are so yesterday! Unless you're attending a kindergarten class, there is no need for you to be tying your hair up with neon yellows, blues and greens. Stick with black bands and always find ones that are made fully of material. Metal pieces on your hair band will damage your hair significantly more.

As a bonus tip, teasing can go a long way when styling your ponytail. The way you pull your hair back can also change the look! That's for next week though. Stay tuned.

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