Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know BEFORE The Wedding

Even months after the wedding, we are still receiving compliments on how fantastic, fun, and loving our wedding was. And while this is how every bride hopes their day will be, unfortunately, the day’s normal stress results in a less than magical day. So from one experienced and very happy bride to all future and current brides, I would love to share some wedding tips that, I believe, every bride should know to truly enjoy this day.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
There are so many things that could go wrong on this day. Is the florist running late? Is your dress not fitting right? Did the videographer show up half hung over, his tie backwards, and is currently laying his head down on the dining table?

And yes….this all happened to me! So what did I do?

I hugged my anxious and worried grandmother-in-law and told her it would be ok. If the flowers don’t make it, it’s not going to ruin the wedding. Yes…the reception and wedding won’t be decorated, but even though the flowers add to the wedding, they aren’t the important elements of it. And I continued my day….

When my dress wasn’t zipping up correctly, we took this as a photo opp to get some hilarious photos of me trying to hold in my chest while my maid of honor and mom tried to zip me up. And I continued my day….

And when the videographer showed up half hung over, with his tie on backgrounds, and barely paying attention to us? I laughed and talked with my bridesmaid, ate dainty sandwiches, and...continued getting ready for my wedding day.

Focus On The Important Things
This includes your future hubby, your wedding party, and the loving friends and family that are there to celebrate this day with you. Before the wedding, I received so many tips that I should enjoy my day….which sounded odd to me because why wouldn’t I? They continued to remind me, enjoy your day…because it will go by so fast! But I still didn’t get it.

And then I learned what they were talking about…and the mistake they made during their wedding. While many people spend their wedding day worrying that everything has to be exactly as planned, or exactly right, I approached my wedding as a day to celebrate, make joy, and create memories. So each moment, each smile, each hug, each dance….I lived in it. I didn’t worry about what was going to happen next. I lived in each and every moment.

Smile From The Heart...Laugh From Your Gut

One thing that I absolutely loved about my wedding was that we were always laughing and smiling. The sound of our laughter would constantly resonate throughout the rooms, wherever we were, whatever we were doing. We took nothing too serious and found the humor and fun in every situation. When the pastor asked my husband to obey his wife, he looked to our guest and gave them a befuddled look. After I smooshed cake all over his face and he retaliated with an equally well placed cake smash, I jumped into his arms for a kiss to further smooth our cake face mess together. Every moment during this day should be filled with smiles that come from the heart and laughter that came from your gut.

And that, dear brides, is what allowed me to differ from the advice constantly thrown my way and to both enjoy each and every moment, without making the day feel stressed, frantic, and too fast.

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