Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hair Chalks - Pros and Cons

One of the latest hair trends that is taking over the industry is hair chalks. Basically, they're like bingo dabbers that us kids from the 90s used to put in our hair to enjoy a splash of temporary color. Yes, temporary. This is key to the entire trend which makes it fabulous for everyone who is in need of a little revamping without the commitment. An ideal situation is to throw some pink into your hair for a night out at the club, and wash it out the next morning to stay within your office's appearance guidelines, or you can even stick to natural tones and try out a new streaked look, or indulge in the ombre trend.  Let's look into the pros and cons a bit more to see if hair chalks are a thing we should be indulging in. 

PRO: You can truly try out any new hair color, or dye job first before committing to a new color and then regretting it later. For anyone who has ever had a bad dye job, you'll love this benefit. 

CON: If you're going for a new streaked look, ombre appearance or another difficult dye job hairstyle, you really have to practice because these aren't ordinary dye jobs that can easy be achieved. There is a lot of separation, sectioning, and attention that needs to be put into it.

PRO: On the contrary, it is washable, so if you mess up - wash and redo! It also gives you a great opportunity to have some fun with your girlfriends before heading out for the evening. 

CON: It's another obsession that you will totally fall in love with and require it to be added into your daily get-ready routine.  As if you don't already spend enough time hogging the bathrooms in the morning, right?

PRO: Everyone can enjoy this fun activity. As mentioned, kids can play around with spunky, vibrant tones, just as teens can. It might also help you parents out there keep your children from making a drastic, permanent change to their look. Adults can also indulge in some chic color, or play around with natural tones to spice up their current look. 

CON: Hair chalks can be really messy and if you don't opt for a high quality brand, you might be risking putting damage on your clothing which is a super fashion faux pas. 

PRO: Minimal damage is actually done to your hair. Hair dyes are chemically packed, and it seems that these temporary color options are less painful for your strands. 

CON: It can take quite some time for it to actually get to the tone that you want. The darker your hair, the harder you typically have it.

PRO: With that said, it does still work on super dark hair which is excellent! 

So, as you can see, there are many pros and cons to using hair chalks but it seems like the pros are certainly outweighing the cons. 

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