Saturday, August 30, 2014

Does Blonde Hair Really Turn Green in Chlorine?

You may have seen it before, and unfortunately, you may have also experienced it for yourself. It's the struggle of summer for blondes, natural and dyed. Although, dyed blonde hair does tend to pick up the green tinge more than natural blondes because it is more porous. That's also not to mention that it isn't guaranteed that your hair will get a green hue but it is definitely possible. Chlorine is blue, blonde hair is yellow and when you add blue and yellow, you get green.

It Isn't Just a Blonde Thing
Believe it or not but the chlorine isn't what actually turns blonde hair green - and it can also happen to all shades of hair. The truth is that there is copper oxide and copper sulfate in the water which can turn all hair colors. It just so happens that for blondes it is much easier to see because of their lighter hair. However, brunettes can experience an orange or brassy hue as well. In addition to the exposure to such metals, the summer time also brings tons of direct sunlight, heat, wind and products that can be just as damaging to your hair - and not so visible.

How to Remove the Green
Whether you have natural or dyed blonde hair, or are a brunette who now has orange hair, there is no need to panic because there is a cure. All you have to do is use a "chlorine" removal treatment which ultimately gets those metals out of your hair, taking away that green tone.

Future Prevention
Wearing a swimmer's cap probably isn't your favorite option, so instead, tie your hair up prior to going in the pool and keep it dry as much as you can. If you will be swimming underwater, soak your hair with fresh water prior to getting into the pool so that it won't soak up so much of the chlorinated water. Braiding your hair also helps deter water absorption, and if you swim in chlorinated pools often, use a daily treatment that will coat your hair in effort of protecting it. You also always want to rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as you exit the pool - for obvious reasons.

Just be cautious when using stripping shampoos because not only will it strip your hair of chlorine and the chemicals in pool, but it will also strip it of the natural oils and nutrients that are imperative to healthy looking locks. So always proceed with caution and replenish your hair accordingly.Natural oils are an excellent way to do just that, and always give yourself a deep hair repair therapy session each week. You can do this at home or treat yourself at the spa!

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