Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trick To Healthy Skin: Cleansing Tools

As a marketing degree holder and graphic designer, I am a TOTAL SUCKER for well designed graphics and product packaging. This kryptonite of mine had me staring at cleansing tools for a good 2 hours yesterday at Sephora! Yikes!

Cleansing tools are pretty neat to include as part of your cleansing system. While I wouldn't recommend it for daily use (especially for like-sensitive skinned people), I do recommend the use of a cleansing tool maybe every other day or twice a week. Cleansing tools help remove dead skin cells and grime from deep down. I find that too much use of cleansing brushes though can cause skin irritation and over cleansing, causing excess production of oils. But everyone is different.

Foreo: Luna Mini

"My skin is so much smoother and feels cleaner and not having to spend money buying replacement brushes regularly is wonderful." - Chefgee | Sephora

While at Sephora, the Luna brush packaging absolutely stopped me in my tracks. The unconventional shape of the packaging and simple but modern typography had me drooling just a little bit and pawing at the packaging. The product though packs an even bigger punch than the packaging did to my sense. 

Product Details This is a facial brush designed by FOREO that channels T-Sonic pulsations through soft silicone touch-points. All these features combine to provide deep but gentle cleansing. 
The Luna Mini feature two types of touch points: thick and thin. The thicker touch points on the reverse side designed to deeply cleanse oilier skin, while thinner touch-points provide a gentle pulsation best for sensitive and dry skin. While cleansing, the Luna Mini removes dead skin cells; unclogs pores of any oil, makeup, or dirt; and works to enhance the absorption of other skincare products. All in all, this product;s goal is to provide brighter and more radiant skin.

Clarisonic: Mia First

"The price-vs-use ratio is excellent, this saves you money in the long run. This has made a huge different in the look and texture of my skin." - amandamoiselle | Sephora

Clarisonic has to be one of the more popular cleansing devices on the market. With thousands of avid fans, this cleansing device has made it to the top of the most popular devices available. This is the cleansing brush I use (gifted from a friend). I use this whenever I am starting to break out and find that rather than being plagued by zits for that entire week, the redness and swelling will be gone with a day or two.

Product Details Clarisonic has created a unique brush that uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second. 300 movements? Yep! This works to cleanse the skin more effectively but also gently. The Mia First features a universal speed two and is suitable for all skin types. Known to cleanse six times better than hands alone and the universal speed is appropriate for daily use. The results? Smoother, beautiful, more radiant skin.

Boscia: Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal

"Miraculously, my skin cleared up the day I started using this cleansing brush. I haven't had a breakout (or little pimple) since." - thedeker | Sephora

I love this cute little spongy tool. This little tool does pack a punch though!

Product Details This is a pore-perfecting pillow-soft sponge infused with Bamboo Charcoal for clean, smooth skin. While using this sponge, it cleanses and exfoliates to deliver smoother, softer, rbighter-looking skin while minimizing pores and blemish-causing bacteria. Ideal for oily skin. The Konjac root absorbs impurities and the bamboo charcoal is a natural antibacterial agent.

Do you have a favorite cleansing tool? Keep the good advice coming! Please share your thoughts below on the above tools or provide a tool you think other readers can benefit from!

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