Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hairstyles That Make You Skinnier Pt 2

Last week we talked about hair styles that make you thinner, and there were so many different ones that work a slender appearance that I had to split it into two parts and continue on for this week. So, without further ado, here is part two of the best hair styles that make you look skinnier! With these hair styles, a healthy diet and some exercise, you are bound to be rocking a body you are proud of.

Photo Credit: The Luxe Maven
Give Yourself Layers
The best thing about layers is that they work for everyone and every face shape looks flawless with them. For those of you with rounder faces (or a bodacious body), layers will soften your curves. When your hair is all one length, it automatically makes your face look fuller. Thus, adding layers slims down the cheekbone line and highlights your bone structure with makes your face look thinner. If you find that your hair is thin and/or flat, layers are also an excellent way to give yourself a boost of volume. If you are unsure about the layered look, start with longer ones and go shorter as you grow more confident.

Super Short
The idea of cutting your hair super short can seem extremely scary for many of you, but it is also a foolproof way to narrow your face. Longer hair can shadow your face, adding the illusion of curves that don't exist while also accentuating the ones that do. With short hairstyles, you will be doing the opposite and will actually be accentuating your favorite features instead of the ones that you wish to hide. However, super short isn't always the way to go if you have a larger or rounder face and a chin length is better for you.

Slender Isn't About Slick and Straight
The hair trend of having slick and straight hair is prominent but it shouldn't be - especially for those of you who wish to give yourself a thinner appearance. Long strands that fall straight down and close to your face will actually make you appear heavy. Instead, add some volume if you do have long hair to work those slender features.

When opting for hairstyles that make your face appear thinner, you want to draw the attention down from the eye which is vital to making your face appear slimmer. All kinds of layers will certainly soften up the style as well as your rounder features, which also makes you look younger and more feminine as well as skinnier. As a rule of thumb, avoid bangs that are thick and bold, and opt for angled, wispy or side swept styles in stead which will accentuate your features that will make you thinner while also hiding the ones you don't want to appear.

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