Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Sleep in Hair Rollers

Sleeping in hair rollers - it seems like such an easy thing to do but it is certainly harder than it looks, pun intended. If you are seriously picky about getting a good nights rest, than sleeping in hair rollers may not be for you because you truly have to get used to it before you can snooze with ease. However, these following tips should make sleeping in your hair rollers as comfortable and effective as possible. After all, you wouldn't want to have a bad sleep only to wake up and find that your hair rollers have done the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do.

Think About Your Sleeping Position
If you can naturally switch up your sleeping position without it affecting your comfort, then you're the ideal candidate for sleeping with rollers. The best sleeping position for a night with a head full of rollers is on your stomach with your forehead resting on your arms. Unfortunately, it isn't a common one, and you probably sleep on your side or your back. Try to switch this up if possible - at least for hair roller nights.

Extra pillows (neck travel pillow) may help to reposition your head so that the rollers aren't so jabby.

Keep 'Em Tight
Your hair rollers will have to be as tight as possible to discourage any pulling or slipping of them throughout the night. Pulling is uncomfortable and having them too loose and slipping will give you a whack-job of a hairstyle. Roll them as tight as possible and as close to your scalp as you can comfortably handle.

Use a Scarf or Shower Cap
It may sound silly at first, but having something to wrap around your hair rollers will also help them stay in place. I personally suggest getting a shower cap that is large enough to cover your head even with the largest rollers. Another option is to use a silk scarf and wrap it around your head to create a turban-style night cap. Doing so will keep your rollers in place to deter them falling out and causing discomfort and a bad hair day.

Play Around With Placement
Some hairstyles that call for hair rollers don't require you to fill your entire head with them. Thus, you have less of a chance to experience discomfort. For example, placing hair rollers in a mohawk allows you to sleep comfortably on your side but also provides some shape to your hair the following day. Play around with the placement of rollers to see what works best for you and you may even find a new favorite look.

Choose Soft Rollers
You are obviously going to experience more jabbing and lack of sleep with hard, plastic or metal rollers and tools. Try to opt for the softer styles, such as foam rollers, when sleeping in them. This will decrease the amount in which you feel them, and your sleeping pattern may not be interrupted at all.

As mentioned previously, you will eventually get used to it but there are definitely different styles that feel better than others, and tricks that help to do the same as well.

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