Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do you know what proper gym attire is?

Avoid Cotton Tops

While cotton may be known as the most breathable and cool fabric, it is not the best option when going to the gym. Why shouldn't you wear that oh so comfortable cotton tee you've been wearing forever? Cotton actually absorbs any sweat or moisture and has a hard time releasing these. Ergo, all your sweat just stays on your skin. Not only does that sound highly unhygienic, but it also sounds like an opportunity for breakouts in unwanted places, skin irritation by chafing, and chills. 

Your Options: There are so many new technology inspired fabrics. Nike's Dri-FIT fabric works to wick away sweat from your skin. Once it absorbs the sweat from your skin, it moves to the surface of the fabric and evaporates. Under Armour features a Moisture Transport System that works the same as Nike's Dri-Fit, with the ultimate goal to wick away sweat from the body. In addition to this, Under Armour features an Anti-Odor technology that prevents the growth of odor causing microbes.

Supportive Sports Bras

It seems weird to think that the sports bra that you are wearing to the gym isn't doing its job. Remember that there are different levels of activity when it comes to the gym. Some activities may require more support and coverage than others. For example, running vs weight lifting. Running is a high-impact workout that applies continuous stress on your ligaments and tissues in your goodies. Without the proper support, you're looking at unnecessary damage. Non-interval training weight lifting on the other hand doesn't require much support as the workout is non continuous and often times within a stationary location.

Your Options: For larger chested women, shop for bras that provide maximum support. This means wider should straps to provide more support and appropriate coverage so you aren't spilling out (unless this is you're goal ;) ). There are several great places that measure you and recommend the appropriate sports bra for you. My favorite place to go is Fleet Feet

Supportive Athletic Shoes

Just like your goodies require support, your feet must also have optimum support during activities. Whether it is weight lifting, running, pilates, basketball, or anything in-between, you must have athletic shoes that provide a solid base and promote correct alignment. 

Your Options: While there are so many workout options available to you, if you're looking for the best shoe, go find a company who provides professional analysis of your stride and needs. Did you know that everyone walks different? This difference is what is analyzed. Fleet Feet also provides  stride analysis and recommends the best shoe for your feet and for your function. I took my friend who is an avid runner to Fleet Feet. When she ran with her new shoes for the first time, she felt like she was running on clouds. Sounds like a winner to me!

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