Saturday, June 28, 2014

5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Slender

We all know how marvelous hair styles can be, and you are about to appreciate them even more because the hair style that you're rocking can be making you look fat. Yup! it's true. It isn't all bad news though because this also means that there are hair styles that can actually make you look skinner. It goes both ways. So, if you are feeling a little self conscious about your beach body (which you shouldn't because you should love whatever you're working with), these top hairstyles might make you feel better while also making you look sexy and skinny!

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The Chin Bob
There is nothing better than shortening your hair for some skinny action. While this may not be the most ideal option for everyone, if you aren't in fear of cutting off a couple of inches, this is one way to thin your face out fabulously - sans the botox. Keep in mind that the chin bob isn't a hairstyle that works for every face shape.  So, if you have a double chin you're trying to hide, this isn't the option for you as it will draw all the attention right to the area you want to hide.

The Asymmetrical Bob
With that said, if you do have a double chin and want to enjoy the skinny benefits that come from a shorter hairstyle, then opt for the asymmetrical bob instead. It will sculpt your face while giving you a super chic look that is super easy to maintain. This hairstyle is shorter in the back and gets longer as it comes closer to the front. The angles will narrow in all the areas you aren't a fan of, and if you want to add some serious chicness, opt for side swept bangs as well!

Light it Up with Highlights
If you aren't ready to take some length off, then stick with highlights. Forget about the hot pink streaks. Instead, opt for natural streaks that work flawlessly with your complexion and hair tone. The contrast between the dark and light streaks offer the same concept of lengthy stripes. It'll elongate your face, making it skinnier while also making it brighter. Goodbye dull hair and hello fabulousness.

Pump it Up
Volume! Boom! It is the best thing that any hair can ever have. Throw in some volumizing hair products into your hair regime to pump it up. This includes high quality shampoos, conditioners, cremes, pomades, serums - everything. The bigger the hair, the slimmer your face will appear. Just remember to always stick with high quality items.  Check the ingredients, ladies.

Choose Good Bangs
There is no better time to slim your face with blunt bangs because this is a huge hair trend this year! If you have a longer face, make a bold statement by straight cut, heavy bangs. However, this isn't a good hairstyle for those of you with a rounder face. For you, opt for thick, side swept bangs and take advantage of the previous tip.

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