Saturday, July 19, 2014

5 Steps to Using Foam Rollers

As if hair rollers weren't complicated enough, they're about to get just a tad bit more complicated because there are different tips per the type of roller that you're using. For example, there are a set of tips for the ladies who use hot rollers which I have talked about previously in another blog post, and there are tips for those of you who like to use foam rollers. To each their own but since I have provided tips for foam rollers yet, this one is for you! 

Healthier Hair
I think the most important thing that you can know about using foam hair rollers is that you're making a healthy choice for your hair. Hot rollers are damaging due to the heat that your hair sits in, but with foam rollers, there really isn't anything detrimental bout it. 

Step One: Sectioning
Just as it is important for almost any other hairstyle that you can do, you need to section your hair. This is an essential step that you don't want to skip out on because messing up one part but not sectioning your hair could result in a very bad hair day - and a bad mood since you'd have to redo your hair all over again. 

Step Two: Rolling
When you start to wrap your hair around the foam rollers, always start at the bottom - just as you would with hot rollers. All you need to do is gently wind your hair around the roller, closer and closer to your scalp - depending on the hairstyle that you're trying to achieve. 

Step Three: Clipping
Don't forget to secure your rollers or they are 99% likely to fall out. Some foam rollers come with clips, some come with an innovative technology which allows you to twist the roller into place. Whatever your rollers came with, never go without clipping and securing your hair into place unless you want all of that hard work that you put into curling your hair to simply vanish. 

Step Four: Keep 'Em In
You need to prepare to be indoors for a while because foam rollers need several hours to set the curl. This is why it is ideal to put them in overnight, but that is only if you can sleep in them. I wrote a blog post about this last week. So, you can get some great tips there! 

Step Five: Styling
Lastly, you want to ensue that the style holds, so always use your favorite style product right after you curl, and when you let your hair loose a couple hours later or the following morning. Brushing your hair or tousling it with your fingers will give totally opposite looks, so be sure to proceed with caution. 

Once you have your hair exactly the way that you want it, spray another dose of styling product, preferably one for a finishing hold, and voila! You'll be walking outside your house looking like a hair commercial. 

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