Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thank You Japonesque For My Dewy Skin

A healthy, dewy complexion will always trump matte perfection for me any day!

When it comes to great skin, I love to show it off! That's why I always invest in premium skin care. Premium skin care = high quality ingredients that only improves your skin! So the question is....why hide it?

I've been searching high and low for a really good foundation that only enhances my natural glow: enter Japonesque. Their slogan: Create Beauty. All right, I'm intrigued. I found Japonesque at my local Ulta and was curious what this brand was. As a lover of the Japanese culture, I was curious (I didn't even know if Japonesque was even Japanese but the similarity in words piqued my curiosity lol!!!)

Who they are For almost a quarter of a century, Japonesque products have been creating beauty inspired by the professional makeup tools used in Kabuki theater in Japan. Created by experts with over 25 years of industry excellence, Japonesque Color cosmetics is runway beauty for the world's most discerning make-up enthusiasts. Artistry inspired cosmetics reveal the insider secrets of world renowned make-up artists and celebrated beauty professionals. The collection combines high-impact fashion color with pro performance, flawlessly refined complexion formulations. The unprecedented color and long wear textures are housed in one-of-akind luxurious packaging. Discover flawless. Create Beauty.

What I bought Luminous Foundation. This foundation is a liquid foundation. The awesomeness of this product is the light and airy formulation combined with coverage! They've done it! The coverage without the heaviness! And it gives me a glowy look!!! ::sigh:: I also purchased the Velvet Touch Finishing Powder. This is a microfine setting powder that gives a luminous soft matte finish. Although I want to be glowy, I don't want to be too shiny. So I buff this on my T-zone to help offset my natural oily shine :) The finishing powder comes in a single shade that provides a universal translucent tone that is suitable for all skin colors. 

What I want to buy Power Curler My eyelashes stick straight out! I've yet to find a curler that helps keep them nice and curled but the goods things I hear about this eyelash curler is only good! The details: "Don't be fooled by its classic styling. Take a closer look and you'll see an innovative, articulated pivot that always moves in a straight line. This unique movement applies consistent pressure at exactly the right place for a knock-out, natural curl." Heaven....

I'll be going out on the town this weekend. I'll let you know how this stays during fun nights :)

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