Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Trendiest Hat Styles for Summer 2014

You probably already know that having fabulous hair sometimes comes at the cost of covering it up completely,and it isn't only when you're having a bad hair day. With the summer heat well upon us, it is extremely important to protect your skin and hair from the sun. This includes your scalp. What is the trendiest way to do just that, you ask? With hats, of course but not just any hats. You need to have trendy, chic and totally stylish hats that are on point with the trends of 2014 to ensure that it makes your hair look fabulous instead of sending the appearance that you're hiding it.

Bowler Hats
Think of a winter toque and turn it into summer. Instead of knits, your summer hat will be made of summer materials such as straw and other lighter materials, and this style is often accentuated with a chic brim. It is somewhat similar to a big floppy hat, less the floppy brim or like a top hat sans the tallness.

Vintage Straw
Whether you are climbing on a boat to set sail into the sunset, or simply heading to a beachside cafe or spending the evening frolicking in the sand, the vintage straw hat is a total must! The boater appearance of the vintage straw hat will accentuate your nautical fashion fever.

World Traveler
We can thank Pharrell for this one. He has been showing off big World Traveler 'Yogi Bear' hats on every red carpet possible. Thus, his hat choice has taken off in popularity. While it is a completely different kind of style, the World Traveler hat is innovative and pushes the limits within the fashion industry which is always fun to enjoy.

Country Chic 
Yee haw, ladies. Country Chic hats can be anything from the classic cow girl hats every lady loves to rock on the beach in a cute little bikini, or it can be a a straw hat enthused with modern styles and elements. Play around with the different colors to find a hat that is ideal for your wardrobe and your personality.

Ball Cap
As long as your ball cap isn't rough and rugged, then it is a look you can certainly pull off in the summer. It is also a look that many of the boys love because it shows that you are a pretty girl who can always play in the dirt! Ball caps are super chic and laid back, and are practical!

Cloche Hat
It may make you think that you look like a private detective or a character from The Great Gatsby but the flapper Cloche hats are making a statement in today's modern world. Play up the stripes to pull off the appearance of this old school classic.

Wearing hats doesn't mean that you're relaxing your personal style and beauty regime. You're just protecting your scalp and hair to ensure that many fabulous hair days are in your near future.

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