Saturday, May 24, 2014

2 Years of Dreadlocked Hair from Sun In

It's the summer months and you want your hair to be lighter. We've all been there. In fact, when I recently traveled to the sunny and sandy shores of the south, my desire for lighter blonde locks was going wild. While I have always enjoyed dabbling into the lemon juice for a natural way to lightening my hair, I went absolutely nuts with the fake stuff. Not only was this bad because a) I was using chemicals but also because b) I spreading Sun In into my locks like wild fire. It was a combination for disaster and while I have always heard about how bad Sun In was for your hair, I didn't worry about it.

Photo Credit: The Luxe Maven

Why a year later, I will never touch Sun In again, and why I am preaching to all of the ladies to avoid it like the plague.

At First, my hair was great. It was nice and blonde, and looked naturally that light. It didn't look like I had dyed it nor did it look like I bleached it, which is technically what I did since Sun In contains bleach products. My hair looked fabulous, felt great and I was still wondering why there was such a negative association with this product.

5 Weeks In, my hair still looked incredible, but I noticed that it was so dry, and I mean, unbearably dry - unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I thought that it may have been due to the chlorine water of the pool or the salt water of the ocean, so I opted to keep my hair out of the water as much as I could. However, my hair was drastically getting worse.

For More Than a Year After my hair was disgusting. It was like my locks naturally turned into dreadlocks at the bottom. I can only describe it as feeling like I forgot to wash the shampoo out of my hair. In fact, this is what I thought for the longest time but after paying specific attention to rinsing, the problem still persisted. I thought that maybe my brush was bad, so I went out and purchased a brand new brush. No dice - my hair was still bulking and clumping in knotted messes no matter what I did. So, I purchased some really expensive oils and to no avail.

Then I Spoke To My Hair Stylist, which I really should have done long before I had. After more than a year of my hair just being a disgusting mess which was growing up each strand, I knew it had to be done. I had to start chopping off my hair. Now, there was about 7 inches of hair at the bottom that was the worst. I knew that as long as I could get some inches gone right now, I could slowly do some trims until my hair was all better.

2 Years Later, since my Sun In experience (I only used half a bottle!!) and I am still trimming the dead, clumped mess out of my hair. Now I know why there is such a negative reputation on this product.

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