Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to Survive a Bad Haircut

So, you did it. You took the plunge and visited a new hair stylist, and now... Your hair has paid the ultimate sacrifice - your hair is too short. This is every girl's worst nightmare. Our locks are our pride and joy and when some hair dresser decides to get a little 'scissor happy', it can seriously put a damper on things, including our incredibly good looks, right? How humble! Although your hair is lacking a few inches, you don't have to be hiding under your covers until it grows back. These follow tips will help you survive a bad haircut, and remember ladies, confidence is everything!

See Your Regular Stylist
This is a really bitter situation because you already paid a hair stylist, and now you have to pay your 'regular' or more experienced one to have it fixed. However, the results can be priceless! If there is anyone who knows how to fix your butchered haircut, it is someone with incredible experience as a professional hair stylist and better yet, one that has worked with your hair previously.

Head Bands and Hair Ties
This is the key tip to bad haircuts that you really just want to toss up, get it off your face and forget that it ever happened. Invest in some chic head bands and hair ties, and no one will ever know that you are suffering from a hair cut tragedy. These items are also extremely affordable, so you don't have to break the bank and you can also get a variety of styles that will work fabulously with your entire wardrobe. Oh, and don't forget about hair clips either! There is a ton of potential that comes along with those cute little barrettes.

Set a Trend in a Hat
Hats are always on the trend list, so do a quick search online and find out what the latest hat trends are for this season. Your fabulous look will definitely have you forgetting about the bad hair cut that has been bringing you down. Plus, no one else will notice your butchered hair cut either, because they'll be captivated by your trendy and totally haute look. Heck! Even if it's a baseball cap - anything is better than a bad haircut, right?

Rock It
As mentioned previously, confidence is key and I think you should rock your new do. You might have to go to a more professional hair stylist first, just to fix up some loose ends (no pun intended), but once you have a decent haircut, wear it with confidence, regardless of how much you are secretly cringing inside. Confidence is the key and can fool anyone that your new hairstyle is one that you were waiting to rock.

Note to self: Avoid that hair dresser moving forward. Of course, you wouldn't be silly to trust that person again, right?

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