Saturday, April 26, 2014

Key Tips For Getting The Ultimate Messy Bun

Messy Buns. They are total life savers, aren't they? While everyone has their own take on what a messy bun should look like, I have compiled the vital tips needed to pull of the look in a chic, flawless and effortless kind of way. Although the hairstyle is definitely messy, you need to tweak it just right to ensure that you're pulling off the look exactly how you should be. You want to look effortless, and not like you just crawled out of bed. Here are the essential tips that you need to know to throwing your hair up into a ball of messy style.

You Need Texture
The first thing that you need for your messy hairstyle is texture. Products are perfect for adding in a little something-something to your hair prior to throwing it up into a flawless look. Choose a texturizing cream or spray and lightly run this through your hair with your fingers before starting your messy bun.

Forget the Brush
Now, you don't want to completely stop brushing your hair because then you would have a tangle of bird's nests in your hair and that simply isn't chic nor is it adorable. However, you can definitely forget about the brush and comb when you are physically pulling your hair back up and into the bun. Brushing it up will keep the hair too straight and perfect. Remember, this is a messy bun! Instead, use your fingers to pull your hair back and allow it to be a little out of place throughout the style.

Tease in The Mess
Teasing your ponytail prior to putting it into a bun is the key! It will keep your look effortless as opposed to ballerina-perfect. Teasing your ponytail will also enhance the volume and texture of the overall hairstyle.

Play With Twists
Messy buns are messy, but they also have to be chic. Explore the different looks that you can get from twisting your strands into this direction, and that direction, or tucking it here, or there. It all has to do with the way you fold your hair and secure it with an elastic, so twirl, flip and tuck your hair up, in and around to see what you like best.

Keep Your Hair Dirty
Yup! We said it. Dirty hair is perfect for messy buns as they hold in the hairstyle much better. While you never want to actually go out with dirty hair, second day hair is usually perfect for this look. However, if you find that your hair is still too greasy for public, take advantage of the possibilities that come with dry shampoo! Talk about a life saver.

Those are the only tips that you truly need to throwing your hair up into a flawless messy bun! Don't underestimate the effortlessness of this look.

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