Thursday, May 8, 2014

Home Cures For Split Ends

Are your poor locks split and distressed? Have you tried to get rid of those pesky split ends by purchasing serum after serum, investing in the thriftiest to the most expensive hair care products, or chanting during the 3rd full moon of the year wearing a funny headdress? Us too! To no avail!

The path to healthy hair is an ongoing battle and while health is always a long term task, the difficulty can be reduced. This begins with your day to day habits in your styling routine.

It's time to say 
good bye to split ends
or at least the frequency that they appear. 

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Hair Meet the Prince Charming of Brushes
Make sure you choose your brush wisely. A cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristles will easily detangle your hair. Typical hard plastic brushes and bristles will cause tugging and ripping of your hair. Weakened hair near the scalp will mean weakened hair as it grows out. The right brush is key! 

Use Your Brush Correctly
Did you know that it's better to brush from tip to root? Weird right? This tip to root method though decreases the tangled clump from resulting at the ends of your hair. When you brush from root to tip, you cause every clump within your strands to tangle at the end. Now, you find that you are tugging and yanking away at your ends inflicting damage. Carefully brush in sections from tip to root and your hair will be singing quite happily.

If you want to brush while your hair is wet, opt for a wide toothed comb instead. A brush can be too harsh on delicate wet hair. The wide toothed comb will glide through your hair, lightly and easily detangle tangles, and reduce the chances of any breakage or damage.

Shampoo Your Scalp, Condition Your Ends
Shampoo should be reserved for your scalp only. It's a big no-no to scrub all your hair in one big pile. One big pile + scrubbing = lots of tangles! This also causes unnatural bending and rubbing, causing the development of split ends. The ends should receive the secondary cleaning when you rinse the shampoo with water.

This relationship flips when you condition. Condition should be reserved solely for your ends. Condition at the roots can cause clogging of the follicles and clogged follicles is no good. Apply conditioner to your ends, allow to soak in 5-15 minutes, and then rinse.

Trim Often
If you find that you get split ends often, regularly trimming is important. Split ends continue to split all the way to the root. So nip it in the bud and trim, trim, trim.

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