Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching A Little Fashion Fire

With the second movie due soon in theaters, you'll find that The Hunger Games fever is hitting another all time high. And I'll be part of the screaming fans. This is probably one of my favorite YA series today. 

In love with this series?

Here's a little fun fact for Hunger Game fans: Trish Summerville, the film series' costume designer, will be launching a clothing line inspired by The Hunger Games! And yes, while the series is YA, the clothing is catering to the more luxurious and grown-up audience. 

The clothing line, titled "Capital Couture" will be a 16-piece luxury collection and will be exclusively available on Net-a-Porter. Expect the line to launch "in time for the film's worldwide release on November 22", although this is a loose date.

So at this moment, while this fashion line isn't available now, do you find yourself wondering how you can tame your Hunger Games fever in the mean time? Here are some fun fashion favorites of mine influenced by The Hunger Games: CoverGirl's Capitol Beauty Studio.

*Note: I am in no way affiliated with CoverGirl nor am I an employee. I just love the series and was very excited to see that CoverGirl was catching the fever too! 

CoverGirl's Capitol Beauty Studio

This line includes the creation of 12 looks, representing the 12 districts. Let's take a look at each

District 1: Luxury is inspired by the idea of luxury, opulence - rich sumptuous color on the lips and nail
District 2: Inspiration aims for a matte, chalky, yet elegant finish representing the stone of Masonry in a feminine way.
District 3: Technology embraces innovations of the digital, tech space while maintaining femininity with a bit of edge.
District 4: Fishing is inspired by the iridescence of the sea: fish scales, ocean plants, the endless shades of blues and greens.
District 5: Power represents strength and in your face.

District 6: Transportation aims to be a little racy, slick, fast and elegant.
District 7: Lumber represents nature, lumber, and wood. It is earthy, beautiful and wearable, but yet cool.
District 8: Textiles looks at layering, color, textures and everything. It's rich in every culture an that's what's beautiful about it.
District 9: Grain is inspired by golden neutrals and the earthiness of grains.
District 10: Livestock includes a palette is lively and beautiful, and so refreshing in many ways.

District 11: Agriculture is about fresh blossoms and brightness.
District 12: Mining hints at a little bit of canary yellow within the dark of the coal. 

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