Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hair Brush Replacement 101

Oh, the hairbrush debate. Who knew that you had to properly clean a hair brush, and who knew that there were sometimes, despite it looking like the brush is brand new, it has to be thrown out? I certainly didn't, and my hair definitely paid the price. So, I am here to save your hair day. Yes, ladies... There is a time that you need to replace your hair brush. It may have all the bristle, and it may appear to be clean, but that means absolutely nothing when it comes to the hair brush world. Not replacing your hair brush can pay some serious damage to your locks, so don't be like me, and replace your brush before anything bad happens. Here is when to ditch the brush!

If It's Damaged
Damaged bristles will damage your hair. It's as simple as that. Worn out bristles will rough up the cuticles on your hair and as a result, you will get split ends, fly aways and all kinds of damage to your locks that simply isn't worth it. If you notice that some of the bristles have lost the "top" of them, or fallen out, it is time to replace the entire brush. Since this hair product is fairly cheap, you should try to do so regularly. After all, you're using your brush on a daily basis.

If It's Old
Simple, if you can't remember how long you have had your brush, how much it cost or where you got it... It's too old. You should never have a brush that you have had for a long time. There is all kinds of dust, dandruff, gunk and funk that have been built up in it over the years. Even a proper cleaning won't help an old brush. Ditch it, and invest $5 on a new one. Your hair will appreciate it and the style of your do will be much easier to achieve.

If It Stinks
Yuk! This should be a surefire sign as to when it is time to replace your hair brush. If it stinks, get rid of it! There is obviously bacteria growing in it that is causing the funk, and each time you use the hair brush, your hair is being put through some serious circumstances. Proper cleaning can sometimes solve this issue, but you could simply play it safe and get rid of it.

Think of it like this; you throw out your sneakers to prevent joint injuries, you replace your mattress to prevent back pain and you need to replace your hair brush to prevent hair damage. Do not risk it. Hair brushes are usually $5... So replace them as often as possible.

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