Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Properly Clean Your Hair Brush

So this post may seem extremely obvious to some people, but there is a large amount of people who simply do not know how to clean their hair brush. It sounds crazy, we know. However, it is absolutely crucial to know and practice the proper way to clean your hair brush to ensure that the condition of your hair is at its best possible health. Since your hair brush meets your locks every day, on more than one occasion, this should be the first place you place emphasis on when caring for your hair. There are one too many times that I have walked into my friend's bathroom, only to see a brush full of hair that probably hasn't been cleaned lately, let alone ever. Now, ladies it is crucial to remember that pulling the hair out of the bristles does not make your hair brush clean. Here are some tips that will completely change

Step one: The first thing that you have to do is remove the hair from the brush. There are tools that you can purchase to do the job, or you can use a pen and slide it underneath the hair, in between the brush. Once you have woven it through the two, you can lift the pen up which will also remove the hair from the bristles, allowing you to grab and remove it. You can also use scissors to cut down the middle of the hair glob if you are worried about damaging your brush, or the hair tangle is a complete disaster and needs to be cut through. Yuk! It does happens though, so evaluate your specific situation.

Step Two: Once the hair is removed, it is time to actually clean the brush. As long as you have some shampoo, you will have no problem with the cleaning part. Fill your sink up with warm water and add approximately a tablespoon of cleansing shampoo. Yes... There are some shampoos that don't thoroughly cleanse, so look for one that emphasizes this feature. Place the brush in the shampoo water and start to brush it thoroughly. It is not recommended to let it sit in the water and then rinse, as film can be gathered and its not thoroughly cleaning the brush anyway. Once you have gotten each inch of your brush and every bristle, rinse thoroughly. You do not want to let the shampoo build in your brush and then go into your hair. Then, let it air dry.

It is recommended that you clean your brush at least once or twice a week, and again, that doesn't mean simply pulling the hair out of the brush. It is not clean until you follow these steps. It takes only a couple of minutes and will enhance the appearance, texture and health of your locks. It is worth the little amount of time that you have to spend. Trust a girl who knows what she's talking about.
It is two steps... You can't go wrong.
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