Saturday, August 3, 2013

Treating Hair Iron Burns

I can't even count on two hands how many times I have clamped my hair iron down on my ear, or burned my forehead with a curling wand. The amount of times that haven't left a mark and I cursed something fierce is definitely uncountable, and the times where I put my hand down on the wrong place of the hair iron, or it fell and dropped on my leg or some other part of my body is too, a number far too high to count too. Certainly every girl who has ever used a hair iron or curling wand more than once has probably experienced these exact same beauty wounds, and although they can be called beauty wounds, they certainly are anything but beautiful. So let's stop walking around looking like a zombie took a chunk out of our faces, and start treating our hair iron burns because we know that they're inevitable. If only we could deter them completely, but we know that's not happening. This isn't a post about hair irons burning your hair. It's about hair irons burning you, and the solutions needed to take the sizzle out of your skin.

Immediately After the Burn Occurs, you must prevent inflammation. Grab some ice and wrap it in a washcloth or plastic bag and apply it to the burn immediately. Keep it on there for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and take breaks, if needed, every couple of minutes.

Determine the Burn, and see whether it is first degree or second degree. A first degree burn will be red but no blistering, and a second degree burn will have the inflammation, redness and blistering. You likely have a first degree burn as a second degree one is hard to achieve from a hair iron - But it can happen.

Time for Treatment. Apply some Polysporin or another kind of antibiotic ointment to the skin twice a day to help the healing and to fight off any kind of infection from happening. If you do think you have a second degree burn, you do want to go see the doctor so you can get prescribed medication that is certainly required to treat such a severe burn.

Hiding the Burn is not as easy as putting makeup on the sore spot. In fact, this isn't recommended because it will become cakey on the burn and it will look like you have some kind of fungus growing on your face. At least if you leave the burn as it, people will know it's a burn, and not something funky. Instead, try to style your hair to cover up the burn marks, if they're on your face. For other parts such as your hands and legs, it doesn't really matter because it's not a burn on your face... Which sucks!

Now, try to be a little more careful next time. Of course, it is bound to happen again. It's the curse we get for putting an iron to our hair, but at least you now have the remedy needed to make it heal as fast as possible.

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  1. I know a band-aid isn't something you want to put on your face but maybe while your sleeping or home alone, I would try using a antibacterial honey-based dressings called Medihoney. They are supposed to work great for burns, speeding up healing time and I know I would want that to heal as quick as possible!!