Friday, August 2, 2013

Changes and Relationshios

     Happy Friday ladies, I hope your week went well. In today's blog we will be discussing change in relationships. People change (emotionally), and sometimes the person they are in a relationship with doesn't. When that occurs, what happens to the relationship? Can it workout, or will it end?
     Change is the most natural thing to go through in life, it happens to all of us. However it is very different when it happens and you are in a relationship with someone, because the change that's happening is not just affecting one person. Sometimes being the one going through that change is hard, but we don’t realize that it’s hard for our partner too. Sometimes it’s a sign of maturity, and we realize that kind of person we want to be. Our partners may like the change and sometimes they may not; this goes for both parties. If you are going through this situation right now, talk about it with your partner; discuss the things that are going on in both of your lives. Sometimes, opening up about what's happening can be difficult, and it's best to do it with someone who you know loves and supports you. If your boyfriend is the one going through the change, observe him and let him know that he can talk to you. It's inevitable to avoid change. However sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives scar us, and as a result they change us. A lot of times people just get stuck, and don't know how to overcome the negative in their lives. If this occurs to your partner, give him time, advise him as much as you can, and guide him into the right direction. Most people will overcome things, however there are some people that will remain stuck on the negative in their lives, and can't choose to see things differently. If this happens with your loved one, you will need to decide on whether to stay with him or not. At the end of the day, you were there for him, and you laid all the cards on the table, yet you saw no results. So, what will it be? Will you leave him or see where things go in a couple of months? Breaks ups are always hard, it always hurts, especially when you have been with your loved one a long time, but things do get better. Always remember, if you tried your best to get your man back to reality, and he didn't do anything about it, there is nothing to question yourself about. In fact, you will be going through a change yourself and it's best to give yourself time, before you let anyone else in your life.
     Okay, there you have today's blog ladies. I hope it was helpful if any of you are going through this, I wish you nothing but the best. Have a lovely, lovely weekend.

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