Monday, August 5, 2013

Parasitic Relatioships

     Hello ladies, I hope you are all doing great and that you all had a relaxing weekend. In today's blog we will discuss, what I like to call, a parasitic relationship. The name will make sense by the end of this blog. For now, let's us define the word parasitic. As you probably guessed, it's not a pleasant word. In fact, what a parasite does is drain the hostess from her/ his nutrients. In other word ladies it's a take all type of relationship and the parasite doesn't give you anything but sickness. But how can you know if a guy will act like this? Let's take a look.
First Date: Alright, be alert on the first date. It's your first time going out with this guy; he should really be trying to sweep you off your feet. That means, he will be the one paying the bill. He should also be on his best behaviour and very attentive to you. If he fails to do that on the first date, what will he be like in a couple of months, when he gets even more
comfortable? Always keep your guard up; you don't want to enter into a relationship with someone who's not very attentive and someone who is not even trying on a first date.
Emotional Roller Coaster: Okay, admitting things becomes more difficult when you're actually dating the guy. It's as if you need him. Ladies, watch out, this guy will say amazing things to you, and all of the sudden bring you down with his negativity. If you let this happen, you will find yourself in an emotional roller coaster. And, that's never a good place to be. Emotions are a huge part of our lives, especially when you make a decision based on your emotions; that's just never a good call. This guy will try to manipulate you in many ways, so watch out.
Dependant: I know we're in the 21st century and women are almost, if not equal to men. However, there are certain things about tradition that should not be forgotten. Back in the day, men set out for work and women were at home being housewives. In today's society, both men and women are entitled to play both roles. This means ladies, that it is not okay for you to maintain your boyfriend. It’s great to treat him every now and then, but don't let him depend on you for food and shelter. It makes a lot more sense if you guys rotate the payment or if he pays most of the time, like a gentleman.
     Okay ladies, that is the blog for today. If you have ever experienced this or know someone who has, please feel free to share. Always remember that if you’re not comfortable with something in a relationship it is not okay.I'll leave you with these thoughts, have a lovely afternoon. 

 photo citation:Padykula Jessica.3 Bad reasons to stay with a guy.sheknows.25 May 2011. 5 August 2013

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