Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Royal Skin Treatment: Achieving Kate Middleton's Glow

Kate Middleton has been splashed all over the media ever since Prince William showed his interest in this beautiful brunette. And with her exclusive royal treatment, Kate Middleton is able to purchase the best and greatest skin care available. And why wouldn't she? Think about how often we fret over a few zits and we only go to school and work. She is constantly in the spotlight, always being scrutinized, and always with a few paparazzo's in her face. 

Kate Middleton's skin care is not cheap! Here is what her normal skin regiment include:

Karin Herzog's (replenished every 3 months, $848 annually.)

Professional Cleanser ($50) A dual action cleanser 
and make up remover

Vita-A-Kombi 1 ($76) A patented anti-wrinkle moisturizer
containing 1% oxygen and vitamins A & E.

Vita-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper ($32) An essential spot treatment
targeting blemishes containing 3% oxygen and vitamins A & E.

Apply to problem spots, twice a day.

Oxygen Face Cream ($54) A medium weight facial moisturizer
containing 2% oxygen that regulates the skin and helps
combat break outs and blemishes. Apply twice a day.

Bee Sting Facials from Deborah Mitchell ($260 per session. Once per month is $3,120 annually). The bee sting treatment is known to be an organic and natural alternative to botox. This facial uses the bee venom to trick the skin into believing it has been stung. The skin then responds by sending blood, collagen and elasticity to the face causing the skin to look fresh and younger. It is suppose to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. 

Although the bee sting facials are a bit out there, the skin care regiment cost is not that bad compared to the Sephora, Ulta or alternative beauty chain supply store. And you have to remember that higher end products can equal better ingredients and manufacturing. 

But to each their own. Why not splurge on these products once and see if they show any visible changes. If not, its just once. This is definitely better than purchasing mediocre products that don't work that well. 

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