Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun Summer Nails

   Good afternoon ladies. I'm hoping you all had a lovely weekend, as I did. For today's blog I want to talk about summer nails, and about colours and designs we can do. Let's leave all the dark boring colors for the winter, and focus on the fun and bright colors for the summer. Let's take a look at some of these summer looks
Think Bright: Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love bright colors. They look very pretty, especially if the outfit you wear is not too colorful. The nice thing about these colors is that you can play around with them. For example, you can paint your marriage finders and your thumbs really bright, and the rest slightly less bright. It's all about playing around with colors. Another thing you can do is, paint half your nail with a bright color, and the other half with a color that is less bright, and then you can rotate them as you go.
Water Marble: Hey, now this is something trendy, and fairly new to the nail trend. It does get quite messy, so make sure that you have a significant amount of tape around your fingers. This is what you will need, a cup of water, nail polishes, and tape. All you need to do is deep the nail brushes in the cup of water. You may use as many colors as you like. Once you've added a fair amount of color to the water, you will notice that a design has formed in the water. Next wrap your fingers with tape and deep them in the water. Fix the nails slightly if you need to, let them dry, and finally, remove the tape. You will be left with very unique designs on each nail.
Ombre Nails: These types of nails can be rocked anytime. However, the colors you select can vary by the seasons. Truthfully there are two ways you may decide to do ombré. You may decide to do ombré on each nail or you may decide to buy the kit that has all five different shades of a color, and do ombré on each had. Personally I like the kit because it's much easier, and it looks very pretty. However, if you want to try doing ombré on each nail, go for it. All you need is three or four different shades of a color, a makeup sponge, and a little bit of water. You always want to keep the sponge slightly wet. Then you add a line of each color to the sponge. Once you're done that, test it on paper and then press it on your nail. This look can be messy, especially if it's your first time trying it, so you can wrap tape around your fingers to make less of a mess.
      Okay, there you have it ladies. I hope you try these looks out. I hope you all have a good week ahead, ciao.  

Photo Citation:Joynt Sarah. Beauty DIY: Water Marble Nails.thefashionspot. 20 April 2011. 29 July 2013

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