Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Best Curling Irons For Your Length

If only life was as easy as having one hair iron that provided all styles for all lengths of hair. Unfortunately, it's not that simple and in order to achieve the ideal looks for your style, you need to pick a curling iron that was designed specifically for the length of your hair. For example, a 2 inch barrel curling iron is certain to not provide the tight ringlets you desire for your sexy boy cut, nor will that curling iron provide tight ringlets at all - Regardless of how short or long your strands are. Here are the appropriate curling irons that have been recommended for certain lengths to ensure that you get the hair style you're trying to achieve.

Short Hair Curling Irons
For short hair, you truly want to stick with the smaller barrels to ensure that your hair can wrap around it perfectly to provide the curl or wave that you desire. A 3/4" barrel is ideal for curls in short hair, and a 1" barrel is perfect for creating beachy waves.

Medium Length Hair Curling Irons
When it comes to hair that is medium length, or shoulder hair length, you want to stick with a smaller barrel as well. Again, you aren't working with much hair and you need to be sure that the strands will wrap around the curling iron fully. For a curly look, stick with 1" barrels, and when trying to achieve a wavy hairstyle, use a curling iron that has a 1 1/4" barrel.

Long Hair Curling Irons
The longer the hair, the more options you typically have for all kinds of hair irons, and that includes curling irons. However, if you are trying to get flawless curls, a 1 1/4" barrel curling iron is best for your length, and for a wavy look, 1 1/2" barrel is best.

Now remember ladies. These are just guidelines and you should always experiment with different curling irons and wands to find one that fits, not only your hair length, but also one that works well with you. However, these are the ultimate curling iron barrels that have been proven to work best on these hair lengths and when you're in a rush for a new curling iron or a fresh and sexy flawless look, these are definitely the ones that you should consider when trial and error isn't an option.

As a bonus tip, remember to always use a heat protection product prior to placing any heat on your strands. This will deter damage done to your hair and products such as KQC Heat Protectant Shine Spray have additional elements to help your hair look even more flawless. In addition, there are some heat protection products that help hold curls, while others encourage sleek strands. Whatever product you choose, be sure to never forget to use it. Irons, both straighteners and curling irons put a lot of sizzle to your style, and without a heat protection product, you may be unhappy with the final results... Damaged strands!

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