Friday, August 23, 2013

Modern Hair Dyes

      Hello ladies, I hope you are all doing well.  For today's blog I would like to discuss hair dye. But not just any hair dye, I want to talk colors! So let's take a look at some of these modern hair alternatives.
Full Head Dye: Okay, if you ever want to have a drastic look, dye your hair and pick a very noticeable color. If you're very light skin and have light eyebrows a light purple would look amazing. I saw this girl the other day and she was rocking purple hair, it looked very pretty! If you on the other hand have darker eyebrows and a darker skin tone try a red dye, it's sure to look amazing. Don't be afraid to try on a new look. If you on the other hand want to try something new but don't want it to be so drastic, do not worry, there are more things you can do.
The Tips: If you would like to add some POW to your hair without dying your entire head, that's totally cool. Dye the tips of your hair! With this type of look you can rock almost any color because it's just the ends. You of course would have to bleach it first and then dye it. Since this is the case I recommend you buy a special cream that will help soothe your hair, so it doesn't get damaged. Thankfully you only have to bleach it once for the color to sit. On other hand you don’t have to use regular hair dye to dye your tips, you can in fact dye them with Kool-Aid! And if you want your tips to be red just mix the purple packages with a blue package. Leave in the Kool-Aide overnight, and await your result in the morning. It is easy as that. The nice thing about the Kool-Adie dye is that you can create your own color!
Streaks/ High lights: Okay if you don’t like the idea of dying the tips, why don't you try some streaks or high lights? Some red high lights on black hair would look nice, or copper high lights on dark brown hair. The truth it, that high lights and streaks are always in, and these colors are a hit all year long. Another thing you may want to do is have a few streaks of purple, or red, blue, whatever color you may decide. I know someone who had three colors in her hair, blond, black, and purple. She only has one streak of purple on the side, and it really leaves a statement.
      Alright ladies, there you have some ideas of modern hair dyes. Don't be afraid to try new things, just go for them. And once again remember to buy hair products that will benefit your hair after you dye it because dyes can be damaging. I'll leave you with these thoughts, until next time. 

Photo Citation: Fashionxaddiction.Amazing Light/ Pastel colours.Buzznet. 10 August 2012.23 August 2013


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