Monday, August 26, 2013

Damaged Hair

        Hello ladies, I hope you all got to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones. For today's blog I would like to discuss tips on how to nurture the hair back to health. Let's take a look
How bad is it? I recently decided that enough is enough. My hair was damaged and trimming it wasn't going to help, I needed a haircut. Sometimes trims really make a difference, other times, one must realize that the hair has to go because a trim won't help. Not even styling helps because the hair still looks dry, damaged, and just ugly. Take it from me, my hair had taken forever to grow and I didn't want to cut it, but honestly it wasn't nice anymore, I hated it. So I decided to cut it, best decision I could make, I don't have a single split end! What girl doesn't love that?
Hair Products: After cutting your hair you should buy products that prevent dryness and split ends, you may also want to buy heat protectant. In doing this you can guarantee your hair will grow healthy and strong. If you don't cut it and just expect your damage hair to disappear after using treatment for split ends, don't have high hopes. It will help a little, but there is no way the split end will disappear. The only cure for split ends is to cut them. But do not worry, it's just hair and it will grow back.
Wash and condition: Try to avoid shampoos that have sulphate in them, they play a role in damaging your hair. Also, don't wash your hair so often sometimes that causes damages too. Try to wash it every second day or so. Another thing you want to do is deep condition your hair once or twice a month. Believe it or not, conditioner plays a huge role in how your hair feels and functions, if you don't believe me, avoid conditioner next time you wash your hair. I can guarantee it will be a complete mess. Always keep in mind it's important to deep condition, especially during the winter months when the hair loses it shine and moisture.
      Okay, there you have it ladies. I hope you all have a love Monday night. Remember the hair is one of the best futures a girl can have, so you always want it to look healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

Photo Citation:The Damaged Hair Diaries: Part I. jadabeauty. 27 December 2012. 26 August 2013 

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