Thursday, August 8, 2013

Becoming Fashionably Knotty ;)

Readers, I think its about time for us to add a little bit of knottyness in our lives.

I love fashion but fashion unfortunately can get a bit pricey. And while I am sure to always look chic and fitted, I'm not keen on spending all my money for this goal. I know how to use subtle items to make my outfit feel new.  So be a smart fashionista and learn the right and easy ways to make your current wardrobe feel fresh.

This week's smart fashionista accessory: Knotty Scarves

Scarves are the perfect accessory to add some zest to your school, work, and daily outfit. No, I'm not just talking about wrapping it around your neck. And while a neck scarf with the correct material and design can definitely complement an outfit, there are so many other ways and different locations to tie a scarf that can add some style to your outfit.

Knotty Belt


  • Take a scarf with a material that is the polar opposite of your outfit. Is your outfit bright and textured? Select a solid hued scarf or a scarf with a single color spectrum. Is your outfit more reserved and subtle? Select a scarf with some traffic and color to draw the eye. For this style, be sure the scarf is fairly wide and long.
  • Place the middle of the scarf at your belly button.
  • Draw the ends around your back and loop to the opposite sides, bringing it back to the front.
  • Turn each end one or twice over to create crinkles and tie in a small knot in the center. 
  • Adjust back to add some texture and dimension. Keep front smooth.

Bow Me

A wide scarf that has a medium of different parallel shades works best for this design. 

  • Fold in half.
  • Loop through belt loops.
  • Position ends where you would like bow to be. Make sure ends are same length.
  • Tie a bow. Keep middle part loose. 
  • Let bow hang.

Hang Loose

Looking to add some design to a boring belt? 
  • Tie belt backwards so the plain side is on your stomach and the buckle is on your back.
  • Place the middle part of the scarf on top of the belt and loop through side or front belt loops.
  • Let hang.
  • Keep scarf wide in the back, scrunch to add some texture.

Remember, being fashionable isn't about how much you have, its about knowing how to work with what you have. Be fresh, be new, and be a smart fashionista!

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