Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hello Perfect Sunglasses

Have you ever seen a perfect compliment between face and sunglasses? It's like a match made in heaven. Some people can intuitively select the best sunglasses for their face shape; however, for the rest of us, we need a little help. While there is no exact science, there are some helpful hints to finding the best shape to compliment your face. 

If you have an angular face with a strong jaw, a broad forehead, a square chin, and the length of your face is proportional to the width, consider trying an oval or round frame that will balance and compliment your features. Opposites attract right? You can also try butterfly shaped or where the frame connects at the top (rather than the middle). 

Do avoid sunglasses that are too geometric or square that will end up accentuating the angles of your face. 

If you have a face that is balanced and proportional, where the chin is slightly more narrow than your forehead and the cheekbones are high, consider trying square, rectangular or any geometric shaped sunglasses. The great thing about oval faces is that most frame shapes compliment your face! You're a winner :)

Do avoid sunglasses that are too large. Because oval faces consist of a chin that is more narrow than the rest of the face, large sunglasses will dwarf the predominant area of the face.

Is your face longer than it is wide? Do you have high cheekbones, a long nose and a tall forehead? Consider tall frames that will help balance the length of your face. 

Opt out of small or short frames that will elongate your features.

Do you have those beautiful, full cheeks, round chin, and proportional width and length? Try angular or geometric sunglasses that will help sharpen your facial features. 

Avoid small or short frames.

Are dramatic, high cheekbones a part of your facial feature? Does the shape of your face narrow at the eye line and chin and you have a smaller forehead? The cat eye, upswept sunglasses are best for you! Oval frames are also excellent for balancing your face shape. Or, opt for a rimless sunglass that will bring attention to those beautiful cheekbones of yours.

Do not wear narrow frames that will bring attention to the narrowing of your eye line.

Do you have a broad forehead and wide cheeks but find that your face narrows at the chin? Try bottom-heavy frames or styles that are set low at the temples. Or, try frames that are narrow and round to help soften your features.

Avoid frames that are too top-heavy that will bring attention upward or frames that are too decorative at the temples. 

Is your forehead more narrow and widens out to your cheeks and chin? Try semi-rimless or top-heavy styles that will help balance your features. 

Do not wear frames that are narrow or that are low-set at the temples.  

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