Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Trip Ready


     Hi ladies, I hope you all took full advantage of the weekend and got to do everything you wanted to. In today's blog I would like to talk about road trips and how one should prepare. Roads trips are fun and adventurous, one can explore the city and tour around. However being in a car for long periods of time can get uncomfortable, so it’s best to wear proper gear. Anyways, here are some ideas on how to prepare for a trip on the road.
Planning Your Stop
: Okay friends, when traveling on the road there are always stops to be made for buying food, using the restroom, and taking pictures; these stops are always a must. However that is not what I mean by planning your stop. What I mean is if the trip is over 24 hours long, it is best to spend the night somewhere. Everyone who is the car with you can pitch in for a room. Spending the night somewhere will reassure that everyone feels re-energized the next day, especially the driver. You always want the driver to be well rested.
Comfort: When planning on sitting in a car for long hours, it's always best to wear comfortable gear. I'm talking about sweats, beaters or tee-shirts, and comfortable shoes. I don't wear sweats unless I'm at home, but believe me when I say that comfort is ideal on a road trip. Another thing I suggest taking is a neck pillow, they will help prevent kinks if you fall asleep. And take it from me kinks are the worse when you're stuck in a car.
Toiletries: Alright, when on the road everyone loves stopping for food, I mean who doesn't love to eat, right? My point is it's always necessary to have your toiletries packed in small bag you can easily access, that way when you guys make another stop everyone can get off and brush their teeth. Because let’s be honest, no one want to have onion breath when you're stuck in a car with lots of people. Another good thing to keep around is wet towels, just in case you make a spill or simply to clean your hands. 
Other Things to keep in Hand: It's always good to keep a spare change of clothing just in case. However three things you always want to have by your side are a paper map, your wallet, and a camera! Don't get me wrong a GPS comes in handy but sometimes it's not 100% with directions. A camera on the other hand is always great to have. There are beautiful places to be discovered on the road, so it's always nice to capture the scenery.
     Alright, there you have it ladies. I hope you all consider these tips and if you're planning a road trip anytime soon, have a safe trip, and take lots pictures. Have a lovely Monday. 

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